Vocal Science™ Method! Herbal Remedies Wonder… A Magic Placebo Pill or the Real Deal?

Ever since the Global pandemic took place, we (like everyone else) had to adapt to a new situation and thus make some adjustments with respect to how to continue helping people who are in need of our non-surgical voice repair services - and more so now than ever.

The COVID 19 situation is very unusual for everyone. People who had their active lives all of a sudden got bound at home. Some of them had lost their jobs, others lost their (successful for many years) businesses… There is no doubt, this situation created a lot of mixed emotions.

As I had written many times before, the thyroid gland, according to holistic teaching, represents suppressed emotions and it also could carry (in fact, for quite some time) a lot of hurts.

In fact, the vocal box is located near the thyroid gland, and once the thyroid is affected by stuffed-up emotions, the voice gets stuck (so to speak) between the thyroid and the vocal anatomy. And as a result, the occurrence of the latter prevents the voice from working in its full capacity.

For the record:

In 1989, it happened to me. I was, in a manner of speaking, trapped in a very emotionally-abusive marriage. So, one day, I woke up and felt that there was something unusual going on with my speaking voice… When I, later on, tried to use my singing voice, it, however, appeared to be almost non-existent.

At that time, I was the sole proprietor of a professional singing school business.

In that instance, my livelihood was completely dependent on my performance at work.

No doctors knew or could pinpoint what was going on with me or my voice for that matter.

Since I could not get any answers from the medical professionals, I had to turn to alternative and holistic means to be able to solve my voice/vocal problems.

By that time, I had already developed a very unique voice/vocal technique. What I didn’t have yet was the knowledge of any herbal remedies and the principles regarding how they work for the human body. Once I started taking them, I had noticed almost an immediate difference, especially in my speaking voice!!

I got very excited, as I already knew that my (even already more so developed by that time) voice/vocal technique, will do wonders and thus will reach new heights, as I would be able to continue doing what I love to do the most - teaching and coaching singing for beginners and professionals, conducting seminars and workshops all over the world, teaching speech development, working with actors, voice-over artists, public speakers, TV and radio personals and etc.

Knowledge and understanding of a natural holistic approach to the human body helped me not only to heal my vocal anatomy but also to heal, treat and cure my other health problems.

For example, I used to have recurring seasonal allergies as well as other allergies which forced me to get rid of my cat and dog, recurring hives, some other respiratory problems, and quite a few other annoying health problems. I thank God for my knowledge of the above day in and day out, as I do not know where I would be today if I did not know what I know.

Due to our very stressful lives in general (let alone, during the COVID-19 outbreak) people began to notice that their health lately had been declining quite a bit. All of our health disorders, no doubt, are induced by enormous stress in our lives. Nonetheless, this stress will then begin to manifest in our physical bodies.

Vocal disorders are not any different; and they could be, pretty much, a reflection of the state of our being.

Usually, unless the voice problem is caused by an inadequate vocal technique, it will, most likely, represent some other underlying health issues, including those which are caused by emotional distress.

To treat any voice disorders, we usually offer (especially for international voice disorder sufferers) to come to us here in Toronto Canada for a few consecutive days to obtain our very unique voice/vocal instruction, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment.

Obviously, due to the Coronavirus, travel is restricted, so we are unable to conduct our services (as per usual - in person). Therefore, at the present time, we have found a temporary solution by offering prospective international clients our herbal voice repair kits to be sent to their place of residency.

On this note, I have to tell you, my reader, that those natural remedies have nothing to do with a “magic pill” which some of you are hoping for.

I always say that the person represents the “instrument” and the “player”, so to speak.

So those herbs are designed to heal the “instrument”, but the “player” still needs to learn how to extract the maximum capacity from their “instrument” (technically speaking) and without any pain or strain on their vocal anatomy.

We came to the conclusion that especially in these hard times, it is better to have half of our protocol (the vocal anatomy treatment) than not at all.

Will those herbal remedies fix your vocal disorder?
The answer is… NOT NECESSARILY.

But WHAT WILL THEY DO THEN, you, my reader, may ask?


It will be a good start which will provide the voice disorder sufferer with healing their vocal anatomy and related (and even unrelated) health problems.

It will not, however, be able to treat a mechanical problem that would have to be addressed in person (hopefully) in the near future - when the borders will be open again and international travel will be restored to its full capacity.

So on this note, my dear readers, if you have any concerns about your voice/vocal performance, contact us and we will give you detailed information about those amazing remedies, which we have been using ourselves.

Needless to say, that we have been successfully treating our numerous clients advocating our unique voice/vocal instruction coupled with these wonder remedies for over 30 years and counting…!!

info@vocalscience.com | 416-857-8741



For information on our Voice Repair Herbal Kit, please visit our website via the link above (click on the image for more details), or HERE!


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