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MTD, SD, ADD, Lack of Balance, Low Level of Fitness…

From our side, a Holistic Approach to Rectifying all of the above and more! Now, with over 36 years of business, we thought that we had seen it all. As it appears to be, the above is actually not the case. In the previous years, we had never seen people who have no control whatsoever of their physical bodies; nor we had seen people who absolutely do not know English phonetics. We do see a majority of clients who are entering our establishment and who developed very bad habits over the years; especially while trying to conduct their physical body with obvious inability to “walk and chew the gum at the same time” in a manner of speaking. The fact is that the Vocal Science™ method and its very unique vocal technique requires the person to use certain body movements while walking and talking (or singing) at the same time.   Also, a lot of our clients, especially those with speaking voice problems, possess the wrong formation of the words to begin with. While pronouncing certain