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Vocally Speaking. Are you Well Endowed? And if you are not, can your vocal apparatus be enhanced?

No doubts if you have bigger rather than smaller vocal box with longer rather than shorter vocal cords, it will be that much easier for you to become a vocal performer .   Obviously the bigger car is much stronger and its’ engine is much bigger; so you can extract much more power from it in comparison with the smaller car. As for people, there are taller and more masculine individuals and there are shorter and skinnier ones. As a rule, the taller and more masculine person will have all of his anatomy bigger and stronger. And, conversely, the smaller petite person will not have their anatomy so present. Yes, there are exceptions of the rule, where a smaller person has a vocal anatomy and their voice bigger then they look. So, if the smaller, petite person would like to become a singer , is that possible? The answer is, yes it is. However, there will be much more and much harder work required realizing the future singer’s dream. We would really need to stretch the related

Vocalscience ™ Method - The Alternative Approach to Speaking and Singing.

We often hear the saying, “ you are what you eat”. I can also, with absolute certainty, say that you are what you speak and sing. How so, you may ask? With the holistic approach in mind, I should mention that the voice (in my definition) is an expression of who you are and identification of the state of your being. The voice is a very important tool for communication. When you speak with the person, by his/her voice tone, you can determine the person’s mood and even the state of the person’s health; especially if you are at least somewhat familiar with that person. On that note, I could say that when I work with the Voice Repair client and get their voice 'out of their throat' by restructuring it to the facial and abdominal muscles, the person starts sounding completely different, i.e., the voice starts to sound much healthier, more vibrant, more colorful and more reflective of the actual person’s make-up. The sound becomes much clearer