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Ontario Heritage Trust: "MyOntario – A Vision Over Time" - Featured Article

The Royans Professional Vocal School (a.k.a, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts) was founded in 1984 by my partner Ted Kowalczyk & myself. Prior to that, Ted and I performed as a duo around the Toronto area which was called Toronto Mini Caravan. Both of us were involved in multicultural events and had been highly profiled on multicultural radio and TV stations as well as performing at numerous CHIN Picnics. In 1983, a Veteran Toronto Polish musician named Stephan Pavliak incidentally overheard me playing piano and singing some Russian romances while I was awaiting in the lobby of the Academy of Music (where I worked as a piano and singing instructor) for my student’s arrival. He approached me, commending me on my talent and offered to help me out (along with my partner Ted) to open a music school which he thought I could successfully carry for many years to come. As of today, the school exists for almost 34 consecutive years. Unfortunately, my partner had passed away

Cancelled Tours and Rescheduled Shows... Is there a way to prevent that from happening... Let's Find Out?

Lately, we are witnessing a lot of shows interrupted and tour cancellations from well-known artists. Sadly, artists, during their performances, actually cannot complete the act they are performing or even often feel that they would have to stop their tour altogether...  Let's look at the recent developments:  The Weeknd , after the first song he performed in California in a big arena of 70,000 people, lost his voice and, thus, discontinued the rest of his performance.  What we found out was that after the incident, he was actually given a clean bill of vocal health, whereas the ENT Doctor cleared him for all of the rest of the performances in the near future.  We certainly would hope so if we did not know any better.  However, it is not that simple, as it had happened not because of any problems with the vocal anatomy (at least not just yet), but with problems of not a proper application of the singing voice - most likely driven by not properly embedded/adequate enough vocal techni