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You've Got a Voice Disorder... It Obviously Affected your Life. What Does it Take to Claim your Life back?

When you got any voice disorder, your life could change (and not for the better), momentarily...  Just in the recent past, you were a regular person like everybody else, and that one morning when you woke up, you felt that your voice is a little shut down and that you had to clear your throat extensively to bring any sound out to the surface.  "That was quite unusual" you might have thought, and hoped that all of it would go away soon.  You started thinking that your bedroom was quite dry and maybe, in the recent past, you had some cold, and maybe the new showed-up symptoms were just the residuals of the latter.  You went through your day, still feeling uncomfortable with your voice and even feeling that something just got stuck inside of your throat.  By the evening, you also started feeling a pain in your neck and shoulders, and overnight, your throat was 'literally' on fire, as the gastric acid began burning your vocal cords .  Due to that, so

Singing Lessons for Teenagers with Problems... Individualized Life Coaching

In 1984, my partner and I started a music school for children and adults. We had 7 teachers teaching all kinds of instruments and also giving vocal lessons . In 1986, my partner died and shortly after, I moved to a new location and started specializing to what I knew best and have done all my life – vocal development. In 1987, I turned The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts, into The Royans Professional Vocal School , specializing in professional vocal coaching. Now we have started dealing with teenagers who wanted to be either the next Celine Dion and later, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears . Then came along Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin . And then the music became more sexually and violently pronounced.  The music reflects and effects to what is happening at certain times in the world. The music theme and scene changes and the mentality (especially of the growing teenagers) also changes. The more “liberation” and

Vocal expertise… What is that? And why should you look for a qualified vocal expert?

Let’s suppose you woke up feeling ill and experiencing sore throat, cough and a fever. Naturally, you think that you got a cold or caught some kind of a virus Nothing too dangerous, you may think... So, for the next several days, you do everything to get rid of the symptoms. And yes, you were able to get rid of pretty much all of them, except your throat is still bothering you. Moreover, after you knocked down your cold or your virus symptoms, you discover that, not only that your throat is still sore, but your voice is acting kind of weird . It’s sounding kind of hoarse and raspy and you have to clear your throat every 15 minutes. The time passes by and you are completely recovered on every level, but your voice is still sounding  Hoarse and not coming back to its normal state. In this instance, you decide to go back to your family doctor, just to get a referral to an ENT specialist. After waiting three to five months for that appointment, to your dismay, you find out