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Vocal Talent Meets the Skill or Today's Skill-less Cool Style?

I am a fan of all arts related talent shows.  The other day, I watched " So You Think You Can Dance " and one of the judges commented on the performance of one of the auditioners.  He said something along these lines, “It was so nice to watch you and even nicer to witness your talent paired with the great skill you own.” GOLDEN WORDS!!! I right away made a mental note and thought, “I would not say it better myself”. However, by the looks of things, it mainly applies to dance, but somehow not to vocal performance.  Over the years, I’ve been on a lot of panels and ran a lot of vocal workshops and seminars within the industry format, and the comments were always directed towards the great song, the great dance performance, while singing, the great overall talent, but not to the great singing performance or vocal skill, for that matter. It felt like the industry did not account for the skill required to produce at least a decent vocal performance. 

Adapting Vocal Science™ Method... Virtually?? Let's Find Out If It Is Actually Possible?

Needless to say, on an everyday basis, I have been getting a substantial amount of e-mails and phone calls with inquiries about my private services, group workshops, books, herbal treatments, etc. As technology is progressing rather rapidly, more and more inquiries are about whether or not they could sit at home, stare at the computer and nevertheless, learn how to sing professionally  but also fix the quite substantial damages localized in their vocal anatomy...? Go figure! It never ceases to amaze me how naive and, I'm afraid to say, unaware some people are. They, unfortunately, absolutely have no clue that the voice is a part of their anatomy and overall physiology, not to mention, it is also a big part of their emotional makeup. For the record, my own approach to  voice mechanics  is very holistic. That, firstly, applies to people's vocal anatomy and then, nevertheless, to all of them in a general sense.  In my opinion, the person, while speaking or singing, represents

Vocally Speaking - Sinking "Titanic" or...?
Your Voice Will Go On and On...

The "Titanic" movie is the greatest movie of all times, in my opinion. There was featured the greatest ship, the wonderful love story and a beautiful song "My Heart Will Go On", sung by Celine Dion, one of the greatest Canadian singers. As we know,  the very sad occurrence happened to the seemed to be safest, fastest and presumed to be strongest ship. The Titanic was pushed to perform even faster and stronger than it was originally meant to be by those who actually designed this "super boat". In fact, the ship designer was present on the scene and his words were, "I'm sorry that I did not build a strong enough ship to save all of you". On this note, let's compare what happens with the newly found and discovered talented artists. They also appear young, beautiful and strong. And then... they're pushed to the max. Rehearsals, recordings, performances, tours, and what have you... To withhold all of this, you almost have

The True Story - Case Study: From Complete Voice Repair to a Professional Singer in 4 Days and in 10 Hours!

Several months ago I got a phone call from Calgary from a professional musician, who sounded quite hoarse and raspy. Like everybody else, he nearly interrogated me over the phone with the details concerning my course and especially with the payment for the course. He did not commit for anything at that time, and I completely forgot about it, as I have a lot on my plate. About 4-5 weeks ago, I received a call from him again, reminding me that he already has spoken to me and in the interim, pulled inside and out the whole internet, got at least two testimonials provided by my office of the people who just experienced the same, or similar, voice problems, and then came to the conclusion that apparently, nobody else is offering non-surgical voice repair and, on top of it, in the nick of time. You would think that after this comment, the person would beg me to accept him on my Super Accelerated Non-Surgical Voice Repair course as soon as I would be available, but unfortunately, not

“Olympic” Vocal Games… What does it take to produce an “Olympic” caliber, vocalist…? The “Olympic” team.

“We are the champions my friend”. Freddie Mercury of the band “Queen” once sung. Where does it begin, for example, to become an Olympic champion in figure skating?  It begins from the moment when the parents take their five or six year old to the skating ring. And then they notice that the child really likes to glide and is not afraid to fall. Next step they make, they search for a reputable figure skating club, and then, they bring their offspring and hand him or her to the capable hands of experienced trainer. Then it takes eight to ten years of very hard work for the skater, his/her multiple trainers, his/her parents and finally, a quite substantial amount of money to bring the skater first to the nationals, then to the world championship and then finally, to the Olympic games. For those who remember Tara Lipinski, would remember that she has won the Olympic title at the age of 14. It is a known fact that her and her mother actually had to separate from her father and mo

Vocal Mechanism… What would it take to make your voice “tick” with absolute precision?

Everybody knows that for example; A Cartier Watch costs a lot of money. Granted, the watch of that kind also looks really good, but mainly, it costs a fortune, because of the construction of the mechanism which makes this watch tick with absolute precision. It is indeed a very well-known fact that the more precise the mechanism is, the more value the watch will possess.Similarly, the more precise the vocal mechanism is the better quality of the voice the singer will possess. That means the pitch will be spot on, the body and the colours of the voice will be expressed fully, the volume and projection of the voice will not be even in question. And lastly, the safety and longevity of the singer’s voice will be assured for life. Vocal Science technique offers a so to speak installation of such mechanism in the vocalist’s psyche, anatomy and physiology. Vocal Science method advocates the integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal state. On