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Danger!!! Do not attempt to do any vocal exercises over the Internet or using related CD's or even DVD's. Your voice may be in jeopardy!

We are not trying to spook you for Halloween. This is actually the truth!   Due to the Internet being so accessible virtually by everybody, a lot of people think that they could find the answer and the solution to every problem they’ve got. In majority of cases, they might; but in some cases, it’s just simply not possible. We just got yet another client who literally explored all the internet sites available on earth, and ended up coming to us with an obstruction on the right vocal cord/larynx and, somewhat, mild symptoms of muscle tension dysphonia. He was pushing and pulling his voice to the max, (almost to the point of no return). He followed numerous methods and instructions and had done lots of speech and singing exercises, which lead him to the obvious damage of his vocal anatomy. Being born and raised in New Zealand having a specific accent, his voice was very low positioned and his speech was hardly understood. Needless to say, he spoke ver

Finding Your Voice… Vocal Channeling – What Is That? And How To Find It Within You?

In our roster, we have more and more people coming to us for voice repair and voice restoration , but they are also coming to actually “find” their voice. We have clients who come to us with various voice/vocal issues and who have already tried everything else, especially through the means of the Internet. Some of those people are very "computer savvy" and are able to deeply surf and navigate voice-related sites. Evidently, they have been trying to save money, so they would not have to travel anywhere to rectify their voice problems and, instead, were trying to do it on their own and from the comfort of their home. Needless to say that eventually, accomplishing nothing to what they were looking for, they actually managed to make their voice/vocal issues even more pronounced and, in some cases. completely  non-repairable (at least with a non-surgical approach) ... I really like one of the commercials for men’s weight loss (that is running very often

Non-Surgical Voice Repair: What is the role of the natural herbs and homeopathic remedies in this ordeal?

There have been more and more requests I have been getting about how to obtain herbal and homeopathic remedies, which (preferably, in an instant) will “fix the voice”. Majority of the voice problem sufferers were told by their ENT specialists that they have acid reflux or some form of muscle tension dysphonia. In some cases, they were right. But in some cases, they were completely incorrect. But even if they were correct, they still had nothing to offer to their distraught and disillusioned patients. The patients, of course, were prescribed some medications like Gaviscon or Zentax, (not to mention medications for relaxation..?), but after a while of taking the prescribed medications, their vocal (and now, even emotional and psychological problem) still remained the same or had become even worse. After a year or two of this ordeal, they have gotten quite disappointed and discouraged by the incompetence of their medical professionals. However, even after al

Vocal Disorder: Some people, as it appears to be, love having it?

It sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, in some cases, it is completely true. At first, when the person gets diagnosed with any kind of voice problems , they become devastated, then frustrated; after that, depressed and then, believe it or not, they get used to it and, in some cases, they truly embrace it. They have no other choice, you may exclaim! Yes, partially you are right, my reader.   They have to embrace it and get into balance to be able to deal with their voice issues accordingly and promptly. However, a lot of people, after conducting a short search, give up on getting better and soon give up on even claiming their life back.   Moreover, they discover support groups where they get “support”, but not how to fix their voice problem, but how to learn to live with it; and yes, “love” it. So now, they are caught in a catch 22 situation, so to speak. They have found, so called support, from group members. They also seem to