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Life Science... I Guess...? My mid-pandemic restaurants’ journey from the past weekend…

Believe me, I would not create it on purpose even if I could!! So, my dear readers, I have some stories I would like to apprise you with - pertaining to the recent weekend. Let's start from Sunday of this past week… After the completion of my voice repair session with one of my dear clients, I invited her for a cup of a nice Iranian tea to a cafe owned by the married couple and, apparently, owned altogether by the whole family. We both (my client and I) each ordered a cup of tea and also asked for some honey and lemon; and I "dared" to order a small pastry. Then my student had to go home and I stayed for a bit more, enjoying the tea and relaxing after a stressful week. Then, I picked up the check and went to pay for our goods at the front counter. Lately, and through the pandemic times, I became somewhat regular there - going there myself and also bringing my clients and my associates to this place. This time I had some cash on me and was ready to pay for what we had. To

Does Your Voice Sound Healthy And Intact? If Not, WE Can Make It Happen!

  Attention teachers! The New School Year Approaches… Does your voice sound healthy and intact? If not, WE can make it happen! We will make your voice sound clear and vibrant. We will also help make your words more announced and pronounced. With our unprecedented efforts, expertise and experience, we will assure the health and the quality of your voice for a lifetime! We advocate a very unique program known as  "The Total Communicator Program" , which is designed to improve your communication and your verbal performance (coupled with an appropriate body language), on every conceivable level! In fact, at any time, our prime clientele is  teachers as well as fitness instructors, lawyers, voice-over actors, TV and radio personal, professional singers and actors ... The above-listed professions do require excessive use of voice…And if those people are not aware of the proper application of their speaking and /or singing voice, they could very easily damage their voice and sometim