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Non-Surgical Voice Repair. Attention Vocalists, Producers and Managers!

Artists: Save your voice . Producers: Have an easier role with the well-trained artist who will not lose their voice during the production. Managers: Save time, money and aggravation by your artists not cancelling their performances, tours and other appearances. Let’s look at the recent related events: Singer, Mariah Carey , who has recently been on tour in Japan, was embarrassing herself while literally losing her voice on stage singing off key and not reaching any of the high notes. Obviously, she needs some sort of voice repair before it will become irreparable. Also, people who loved and cherished her before are now deeply disappointed and even some of them are quite annoyed, as she definitely has not lived up to their expectations. So this is the question. Why, neither her or more so, her manager, do nothing about it? Are they waiting for the time where a vocal operation will be inevitable? Why bring it to that dr

Calling all singers! What is the ‘biometric data’ of your voice and how to optimize it?

For every singer, the question should be: "Do I possess the distinct tone and the uniqueness of the sound overall?" It is easier said than done. Majority of people could carry a tune, but not too many could sing, I mean, really sing. First of all, the person who likes to call him/herself a singer should possess a proper vocal technique , which will allow the singer a freedom to vocalize to their hearts content. They should be able to do it with absolute ease and pleasure, and not to have hardship while trying to deliver their message to their audience. If they don’t know how to work smart, so to speak, and not hard, they also could ruin their voice in the process. And if that happens, their artistic tendencies would not count for anything.   Just like in figure skating, the artistic merit is very important, as well as looks, costumes and presence on the ice. But if the skater lands 3 out of 4 jump combinations flat on the ice, the former will not count, an