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Why are vocal students (former and present) of well-renowned vocal coaches keeping "close relationships” with their renowned ENT Doctors?

My answer(s) and point of view was inspired by a news article from CBC News | Entertainment, titled:  " What's robbing Adele, Céline Dion and more singers of their voices " ( here is a link to that article )  However, to start elaborating on the above editorial, I would like to bring to your attention a comment by my former voice repair student, presently singing student under my vocal care - Mary Ellen Stoll of  Brockville, Ontario . Please read below and get her point of view on the above-mentioned article. I believe that she said pretty much all of what needed to be said: _______________ “Hello Eli: I listen to and enjoy your reporting on CBC all the time.  I also listened with great interest to your report on what's robbing singers of their voices. I have a very strong and personal interest in this topic and thought I might share some of my story with you, as a way of rounding out the perspective on the coverage. Forty ye

Communication Difficulties and Treatment for Post-Stroke Survivors.

Written by  Tushar Shukla of One in three stroke survivors can experience difficulties in communication. Even after an extended time period of post-stroke, survivors can achieve major breakthroughs in communication with regards to the improvement of quality of life and the quality of their voice. This can be done with the use of intensive and alternative forms of speech therapy. Difficulties that arise due to a stroke affect everyone in different ways. Here are some major points that you need to know: After a stroke, you may have difficulty in speaking, it may also be difficult to understand others when they speak. Reading and writing may be difficult. Your alternative speech therapist will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program. They can also suggest ways of  how to communicate more easily, and aids that can help.  Types of voice difficulties post stroke Aphasia: Difficulty in talking, reading, or understanding other people

Surgical and Non-Surgical Care for various Voice Disorders...?

________________ Can any voice/vocal disorder be treated non-surgically? Conversely..., can any voice/vocal disorder be treated surgically? To kick things off, let's find out the answer(s) for the above! Let the controversy begin!!! ________________ ________________ My answer(s) and point of view was inspired by an article from The Guardian Newspaper, titled "Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?" ( here is a link to that article )  ________________ ________________ A few months ago, this article (mentioned in the link) was brought to my attention by two of my clients. Both found similarities in the content of the article above with what I have been teaching them as well as with the content of my two websites. For the last 34 years, I have owned an international professional vocal school in Toronto, Canada. My vocal school is a division of a non-surgical voice repair institute The Voc

Whole Lotta Fakin’ (And Shakin’ too) Going On…

"Does It Smell In Here? A look at the current state of the speaking, coaching and consulting industry." by Larry Winget and Randy Pennington: (Click  HERE  to see the article.) - Our article is inspired by the one above - - I have been consulting, teaching, coaching and repairing voices close to four decades now. All previous years, being true to my cause, I kept saying to people that I did not think that I had any competition with respect of what I have been doing for many years… At least, that’s what I thought at the time.  I knew that I was producing unprecedented results with respect to the voice work; and to my knowledge, nobody at all (of those who had similar claims of success) could live up to my level of results, expertise and experience. Then came the internet… and now it is in full bloom! All of a sudden, everybody is a  voice/vocal coach   and even a  voice repair specialist …? A lot of them, I have never heard about before.  Bu