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Voice Disorder… Symptoms and causes. What is the most efficient way to conquer it?

Lately, I have been attending to more and more voice disorders of all types and kinds. Majority of them have had similar symptoms, but, needless to say, not necessarily the similar causes. The symptoms usually consist of hoarseness, sore throat, pain while talking and/or singing, burning vocal cords (usually from excess of gastric acid, which shoots directly up the throat, especially if the voice is positioned quite low in the vocal box). Those nasty symptoms make a person quite miserable and depressed. It does interfere with their careers, even when they are not necessarily singers. They often are asked if they have a cold, or what is wrong with them or their voices in particular. Some male voices turn soprano’ish and those males often mistaken for females. It is quite disheartening for all the people who experience some kind of voice disorders, as their lives, in one way or another, have been disrupted. Strangely enough, though some of them are looking for a magic