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We're Proud of Our Past and are Presently Working Hard to Assure Even Greater Success in the Foreseeable Future - Dedicated to our Upcoming 39th Anniversary of The Royans Professional Vocal School

We're just about to arrive at our 39th anniversary of what was originally called "The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts" and sometime later, it had been renamed (more so to the point), "The Royans Professional Vocal School". As time passed by, a new title was added, and it is now well-known as, "The Royans Professional Vocal School, Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair."  Needless to say, at this present time, we are more concerned about people's mental state than their voices...  However, looking back and assessing our past, as the owner, president and master voice/vocal coach, as well as non-surgical voice repair specialist, I have to say that I'm proud of what we achieved over the last almost four decades. A fair amount of well-known singers today in Toronto and some other cities and provinces of Canada, US and Europe, have come through our school. The estimated amount of students and clients who had com