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"Vocal Genie in a Bottle"? If that's what it is... we have the “tools” to free it up and set you well on your way to your desired success!

We've been in business for almost four decades (Since 1984) and originally started it as a music school for children and adults.  At that time it was named 'The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts'.  Then, a few years later, we turned it into The Royans Professional Vocal School, specializing mainly in singing, vocal performance and vocal recording.  Those years we taught a lot of musicians and wannabe singers. At that time, they were coming to us for one and only reason: To learn how to sing properly and make it as a professional artist. There were no "hidden" agendas to rectify their emotional stress and/or modify their lives (single or married). Nowadays, and for some time already, we started receiving a few groups of people... The first group of people was pretty much the same as in the '80s and 90's i.e. Coming to us for one and only reason and mainly to make a professional career out of this.  The second group of people, however, has been c