"Vocal Genie in a Bottle"? If that's what it is... we have the “tools” to free it up and set you well on your way to your desired success!

We've been in business for almost four decades (Since 1984) and originally started it as a music school for children and adults.  At that time it was named 'The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts'.  Then, a few years later, we turned it into The Royans Professional Vocal School, specializing mainly in singing, vocal performance and vocal recording. 

Those years we taught a lot of musicians and wannabe singers.

At that time, they were coming to us for one and only reason: To learn how to sing properly and make it as a professional artist.

There were no "hidden" agendas to rectify their emotional stress and/or modify their lives (single or married).
Nowadays, and for some time already, we started receiving a few groups of people...
The first group of people was pretty much the same as in the '80s and 90's i.e. Coming to us for one and only reason and mainly to make a professional career out of this. 
The second group of people, however, has been coming to mainly release their stress, disappointment in their lifestyle, marriage, other relationships and etc. 
I always said that the voice is the spirit... and if this spirit is down and/or suppressed, it produces some kind of a grip on a person's being.
Intuitively and internally, these people feel it, very much so, but do not know how to release it on their own.
Then, they get an idea that if they learn how to sing, their spirit will become rejuvenated, discovered, uncovered and flown as far as the universe.
On this note, my book "Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe" was written and published first time in the year 2000.
Once their spirit is released from within, the sky becomes the limit for them.
Needless to say that as a side effect, these people actually would learn how to sing and release whatever else had been gripping their mind, body and soul. 
Moreover, some of them, once the latter is accomplished, fall in love with the feelings they acquire in the process and thus, decide to change their paths in life. 
In the above-mentioned book, "Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe" I have a chapter which is named "Who We Teach".
There are some stories featured of people who, all their life, wanted to achieve some happiness and yes, wanted to learn how to sing and act, but their families were completely against it and forced them to take a conventional route and made them turn to the direction which, evidently, wasn't in the stars for them...

That was the case with one of my clients who came to me for a short singing course between Christmas and New Year's Holidays of 2019.
He became extremely emotional by the end of this short 10-Hour Singing Course. 
He was in his early 40's and he told me that in his early twenties, he was desperately trying to become a professional musician/singer.
His Italian background parents were totally against it, as they wanted their son to go to university, to get a formal education, open a business or two, get a wife and raise a minimum of three or four children. 
Guess what my reader...
He's done exactly that! 
But music and singing along with it, never died within his spirit.
When I started tuning into him (I know how to do it very well and quite in-depth), he nearly broke down in tears. 
There is a saying, "You can take the person out of the village, but you cannot take the village out of the person."
Once I brought back the memories of music, singing and joy which comes with it, my client, nevertheless, was falling to pieces, so to speak. 
He said to me, "Diana, I really want to continue with you, but if I do, I will lose it all; My parents, my business and my own family. I definitely was forced to choose the wrong route, and now I understand it more than ever."
To elaborate on the above, I have to say that it was the last time I saw this very nice and talented guy. 
He kept re-arranging his last session and eventually never booked it at all. 
He was simply afraid to go any further with me and continue his development, as well as uncovering his old passion.
His soul simply wanted to sing and express himself through the beauty of music and voice. 
Sad indeed!

This next story is about our present singing student from the USA who has been coming to us regularly ever since our borders became open.
However, due to the confidentiality code, we will withhold her name for the time being and until we get solid permission from her to disclose it. 

This very pretty girl, in her late twenties, at the very beginning of the pandemic, told me that her one and only dream was to become a professional singer/recording artist. 
Talking to her on WhatsApp, I saw her picture and I thought that she was very good-looking and also that she looked quite certain and confident. 
She signed up for the first 30-Hour Course and ended up taking it a year and a half later as the borders were closed from March of 2020 to August of 2021.
I did ask her to sing for me a couple of lines over WhatsApp and discovered, to my biggest surprise, that she appeared to be practically tone-deaf. 
To her credit, she found somebody who actually was able to bring her pitch to normal at almost 100% accuracy. 
That very much simplified our journey, which is in fact, to be continued again in short order.
To date, we accomplished 170 hours. Another 85 hours are booked from today until January the 28th.
We are actually working on a song right now, which I presume, we will be able to record in a couple of months.
This is all good and dandy, but most importantly, the main underlying issue(s) is gradually getting resolved...
She became much more open and is actually smiling more and more now and also, expressing her gratitude...
I am a very good judge of character and I brought up my thoughts about her childhood and her life before my intervention into her. And yes she agreed, that my observations were on the right track and thus, admitted, that now she is feeling much better; Mentally, emotionally, physically and definitely, vocally.
The more we progress vocally, the happier and more open she becomes (which is a natural order of events). 
Moreover, her dream (which, at the beginning of our journey, seemed to be impossible, but now it appears quite possible) will be realized and at that time, her happiness (in a global understanding of the word) will definitely be complete. 
That is definitely a huge transformation of a human being, which I have been obviously navigating and with my help, she finally acquired the right direction which is leading her to happiness, success and total achievement, and not only with respect to her singing abilities, but also with respect to her much happier life in general.

In other words (not only in our described cases), but in general, it is very common when people are possessing some kind of a "Genie Stuck in a Bottle", so to speak. 
And as it appears to be, the release of their spirit i.e. their voice, helps them tremendously to find the right path for their life and see clearly where they are going and how to get there. 

To conclude:
We identified two categories of people: One, is our male student, who understood throughout the process, that he has been on the wrong path due to obeying his parents (their wishes and commands), instead of listening to his own heart. 
Second, a female student of ours, who actually listened to her heart and thus, still has been pursuing her dream.
Our journey was not always smooth and dandy, we had some turbulence and tribulations throughout the not at all easy process, but it is definitely paying it off for both of us. 
In fact, while writing, we've just learned that she successfully one more time again arrived to Toronto.
Today, we are starting our journey with her and will definitely bring it to the next, more advanced, level... 

And lastly, I'd like to point out the third category of people who came for the same reason as the first two, but throughout the process, realized that their best would be to stay where they have always been.
In other words, their professional singing career was not in their stars, but their human development and understanding throughout our quite complicated process definitely proved to be invaluable. 
This case brings the memory of a couple of students who travelled to us to literally find out if they could actually become singers.   
One of them was from San Francisco California.
He told me a story that his parents were professional singers, but, for some reason, they never allowed him to sing a note in their presence. 
Unfortunately, they were right and singing definitely was not in his forte. 
The other one came from Hawaii (a referral to me) who was, due to his injury,  a retired policeman.
His question to me was about if he would be able to sing for his livelihood, especially since he was retired and had quite a bit of time on his hands. 
Unfortunately, that was also a no-go.
He was immensely grateful to me for telling him the truth and not misleading him, by offering him some dreams which would have never been realized.

That is all for now my reader.
If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to us. 
Also do not hesitate to leave your comment(s), we will be glad to assist you regardless of the outcome.

In any case, the benefits of embarking on that process, can not be overlooked, as they outweigh any obstacles or disappointments which come with the territory, in a manner of speaking... 


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