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Vocal Science: Were You Involved In A Car Accident, Or Any Other Accident Of Sorts? Had Your Voice/Vocal Anatomy Ended Up Compromised In Any Way, Shape Or Form?

If so, we can help to restore your speaking and/or singing voice! Fix your voice, regain your voice and maintain your voice for a lifetime! - This is our motto! More often then before, we are getting inquiries from people who (at one time or another) had been involved in some kind of an accident; and due to that fact, their voices (and vocal anatomy in general) ended up being severely injured. Most common, of course, are automobile accidents; but there are also work-related accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents and pedestrian-related accidents.      In our roster of voice repair clients, we had a person who, due to the bicycle accident, fell with his throat right onto the handlebars; and thus damaged some parts of his vocal box. We also had a person who was working on a construction site and, somehow, the electric saw fell DIRECTLY ON HIS THROAT…, in this case, the cut happened to be on one of the vocal cords. We also had a martial artis

Did You Need To Fix Your Voice Or Learn How To Speak/Sing Properly….Yesterday?

Well, yesterday is gone… but today is still (hopefully) not too late!  However, you yourself may think that the recovery of your voice (after you waited for so long), could not even be on the radar… but please think again. We definitely can help! And not only in the restoration of your damaged or lost voice, but we can also help by teaching you how to speak and sing up to (nevertheless) a professional level. We will make sure that we will repair your voice and that you will regain and maintain your voice for life! We have people who come to us from all over the world with all kinds of voice/vocal problems. Some of them had been medically diagnosed and some of them had not been, but those of them - especially with diagnosis, never revealed those diagnosis or told us anything at all until their actual arrival to our studio/clinic. Either way, by advocating our very own V ocal Science(TM) Method and technique , we make sure that all of our voice repair clients improv

Non-Surgical Voice Repair… “Backed up” Voice Anyone? If So, You Obviously Need A "Plumber" To Fix It.

My business, “ The Royans Professional Vocal School  and The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair ” use to be located in a quite prestigious area in the northeast part of Toronto, Canada. However, in the building where my studio was located, the washrooms were not kept up to standards, and the toilets, quite often, were backed up. To serve our clients better and provide them with safe and clean facilities, we had to contact the management of the building more often than we would have liked to. They fixed it…, and then, the saga began all over again... For the last 4 decades, I have been mostly specialising in Non-Surgical Voice Repair for speakers and singers. Quite a few of them had been coming into that very studio with shut-down voices and quite often, with, so to speak, shut-down bodies.  The memory brings one of my voice repair client's case: The person came from the US with a very low-drawn, hardly understandable, speaking voice, and

Vocal Science: For Greater Learning… “Should You Be Coming To Someone Else’s Church With Your Own Prayer”?

My answer would be: “No, you should not.” With that said, if you want to learn something valuable from your coach/mentor, or your voice specialist for that matter, YOU are the one who has to be submissive to such learning and NEVER DOMINANT! For example.. during my session, one of my students/clients had been constantly trying to take over, so to speak. In general, I have always reminded them that one of us has to be submissive… and it ain’t going to be me! What do I mean by that? What I mean is that when I try to convey my message, and for many years (along with it), the tested, tried and proved curriculum, the student/client tries to impose his/her own way of running MY session; and therefore, no doubt,  interferes with the process of his/her own learning progress. I have been consulting, teaching and repairing voices for over four decades, but some of my clients, instead of listening and embracing my expertise and extensive experience, trying to prove their own poi

The Intellectual Mind and The Physical Body... What Role Do They Both Play in One's Vocal Development?

- Revised and modernized version from July 23rd, 2011 I've been teaching, consulting and recording vocalists for close to four decades. I've also been conducting group vocal interactive workshops and seminars for the longest time. It is extremely interesting to watch and experience the changes with each generation. What was happening before is history. What is happening today is reality. And today's reality is very confusing, and at times, disheartening. On one hand, people are much more advanced now than they've ever been. In what sense you may ask? Definitely technologically. Also quite definitely, intellectually, as the technology gives them access to much wider venues than they could have ever dreamt of.  Yet, physically speaking, it's another story. The Vocal Science ™  method, which I have been advocating for quite a few years, requires an integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. Unless all of those compon

Non-Surgical Voice Repair: “Brace Yourself For Impact” - Survive The “Crash”… Reclaim Your Life!

For some people, the loss of their voice is equivalent to a plane crash, nevertheless!  Obviously they would feel lost and confused, as (for most of the times) they are not even aware of what exactly happened to them and their voice for that matter… and why? They are desperately looking for answers. The singers usually could intuitively and predominantly feel that some voice problems may be coming their way; but the regular people who had lost their speaking voices literally experience the “crash of their lives”, as their communication with their inner and (needless to say) outer world, had become significantly compromised.  Obviously, in the case of the voice loss, the ultimate goal would be the restoration of the speaking voice and, when needed, the singing voice as well. However, it is easier said then done.  If the chosen approach for the restoration of the voice is surgical and if the vocal surgery is successful, the first part of the voice recovery is not that