Did You Need To Fix Your Voice Or Learn How To Speak/Sing Properly….Yesterday?

Well, yesterday is gone… but today is still (hopefully) not too late!  However, you yourself may think that the recovery of your voice (after you waited for so long), could not even be on the radar… but please think again.

And not only in the restoration of your damaged or lost voice, but we can also help by teaching you how to speak and sing up to (nevertheless) a professional level. We will make sure that we will repair your voice and that you will regain and maintain your voice for life!

We have people who come to us from all over the world with all kinds of voice/vocal problems. Some of them had been medically diagnosed and some of them had not been, but those of them - especially with diagnosis, never revealed those diagnosis or told us anything at all until their actual arrival to our studio/clinic.

Either way, by advocating our very own Vocal Science(TM) Method and technique, we make sure that all of our voice repair clients improve 100% in their speaking and (if needed) singing voice. The Vocal Science technique in its nature suggests that the voice (speaking and singing) has to be lifted off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords; and thus the voice gets restructured to a different set of muscles (facial cavities) which, in turn, allow the voice to fully function away from the vocal anatomy. 

Those facial muscles will serve the role of the natural amplifier or resonator and therefore will assure its clarity and volume. Those facial muscles will also work best in coordination and conjunction with the abdominal muscles, whereas the latter will play the role of the support for the lifted sound.

Now the vocal anatomy will get released from the pressure of the sound; and thus will acquire a needed “rest”. Once that is achieved, the natural herbs and homeopathic remedies will be administered to achieve a greater performance of the voice and provide (in many cases) a complete cure to a voice/vocal disorder.

However, a lot of our clients (after the initial inquiry about our very unique services) arrive to us a few months or even a few years later… With the majority of them, I initially spoke on the phone and I could distinctly remember that at least their speaking voice sounded much better then a few month or furthermore few years later.

It never ceases to amaze me why they had to wait  for so long and “drive their voices into the ground”, so to speak. Could they be so naive thinking that their voice/vocal issue will disappear on its own…? I tend to believe not! However, people by nature, like to procrastinate anything that requires effort from their part.  Especially nowadays, having full access to the Internet, they are trying to solve all of their problems by “lifting their finger” only to press a button on the computer and find all of the answers to their issues… They don’t realize that not all the answers, which they could see online, are correct; and certainly something as serious and as complex like voice disorders, certainly can not be fixed, treated or cured remotely.

Our recent U.S. voice repair client came with a few health issues. After a short assessment, it was clear to me that he was full of mucus and full of gastric acid (very pronounced acid reflux) not to mention a quite-acute asthma.

The Vocal Science technique requires the lower abdomen to hold the air by sucking one’s stomach in. Our client’s stomach was as big as a balloon and as hard as a rock. That was evident to the fact that internal inflammation of the colon was definitely present. Thought the first 2-3 days during the process of instruction and natural herbal and homeopathic treatment, our client could not hold any air in his lower abdomen. He also had quite severe breathing problems.

The latter was solved with the proper breathing technique (lower abdomen, upper diagram and mouth breath, separating the sound and the physical body between each other). Once that mechanism was put to work, the breathing (wheezing) problems disappeared, the stomach became smaller in size and softer in nature and thus the proper breathing mechanism successfully took place. 

The breath was “flying underneath of the sound” propelling the sound forward and to its aimed destination. The natural cleansing and rebuilding of the physical body and vocal anatomy in particular, assure the healthy body and the healthy voice, not to mention the healthy spirit…

The proper application of the speaking and singing voice was taught and instilled in the body’s muscle memory, assuring the natural maintenance of the whole process. 

Go given the above, we invite you to take care of your voice and your health in general sooner rather then later, as evidently, and by our experience and expertise, “later”, unfortunately, can be too late!


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