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Conventional Speech Therapy Versus Vocal Science™ Method. What Works and What Is Greater?

Lately, I’m dealing with a lot of clients (young and old) with the voice/speech problems. Most of them spent months or even years with speech therapists and speech pathologists. Some of them have gone to the regular check-ups with their ENT specialists and (in the final analysis) had not accomplished anything with respect to a resolution to their voice problem(s). How frustrating could that be?  It is extremely sad for them and their relatives, not to mention that the majority of those poor people, understandably, keep coming in and out of depression. Some of them lost their professions and their hobbies for that matter, like singing, for example, or playing some sports. Sometimes even watching some sport or concert events (in their case) could become a big challenge. It is usually quite noisy in those venues, and those with voice problems feel even more silenced as they cannot compete with the screaming crowd. Some of them have lost hope, some of them are still researching

True “Trailblazing” in Vocal Development. History in the making.

The vocalrevolution is here , I said it finally to myself and to the world at large in 1994. I have been teaching voice since 1985 and teaching it my own way, in spite of an extensive 12 year education in the music field.  While I have been studying in the Music Teachers College in Russia , Leningrad, I was offered to do rather strange things to supposedly develop my voice. After those vocal escapades, (I called them "vocabatics without a safety net"), my throat would hurt and my voice would sound raspy and low. It made me really worried and I begun to think about it night and day. I also started rebelling during the private vocal lessons and during the choir practice, to the point that I got kicked out of the choir and almost got kicked out of the college. I was prohibited to sing in my last semester before obtaining the Bachelors Degree of Music Education and specialising in Voice and Choir Conducting. Go figure! I, however, graduated with the flying colors