Vocal Science

Vocal Science is a world renowned holistic approach that specializes in accelerated vocal development. For new singers, it enables them to learn how to sing in a short period of time, drastically improving their confidence and performance. For professional singers, the advanced application of our technique helps singers fine tune vocal clarity, projection, and pitch while learning how to sing in a way that protects their vocal anatomy, preserving its health for years to come and preventing the need for surgical voice repair. Vocal Science also provides the foundation for our Non-Surgical Voice Repair programs for singers already experiencing mild - severe vocal damage.

The Philosophy:
  • View the body as an instrument whose quality of well being determines the quality of sound produced.
  • Recognize that the voice is a reflection of the 'inner self.'
The Mechanics:
  • The use of repetitive vocal and visualization exercises condition the singer's muscle memory to achieve proper sound placement.
  • Proper use of facial and abdominal muscles with optimal posture alleviates strain on vocal chords.
  • Teaches special exercises which enable the singer to meet any combination of pitch and duration of sound.
  • Believes a singer has 0-25% natural talent while 75% of a singer's performance relies on technical training.
  • Is taught with the use of professional P.A. System, keyboard, microphone, video camera and monitor.
  • Guarantee professional results in 10 hours.
  • Beginner to Professional Singer in 10 hours GUARANTEED!* Contact Us for more information.

* Some conditions apply

The Royans Vocal Science™ Immersion Course This course is the same as the regular Vocal Science except it has been specifically designed for out of town clients. Course is taught over 4 or 5 days. For students who want to travel to Toronto for several days and learn Vocal Science in an even more accelerated manner.

For more information, visit: www.vocalscience.com

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