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Vocal Problems Due To Surgical Interference: What Could Be Done To Rectify It?

More and more phone calls and e-mails we are getting from people who have undergone related or non-related surgeries and who’s vocal cords and other parts of the vocal anatomy got damaged in the process.  Recently, we had a few clients who had undergone thyroid removal (thyroidectomy) and all of them ended up with one of their vocal cords being paralyzed ( vocal cord paresis ). One of our former clients who’s voice I fixed previously, but who (unfortunately, by not following the assigned protocol) ended up with having her papilloma growing, had been convinced by her ENT specialist to undergo not one, but two vocal surgeries. In the end, she ended up with what is called Sulcus Vocalis (vocal gap) and, thankfully, (just mild) Muscle Tension Dysphonia. And lastly, a few hours ago, we got an e-mail from a professional person who recently undergone a biopsy procedure for her lung disorder.  After the obvious intubation , she ended up with a very breathy, unclear and lower po

Vocally Speaking: Would Your Prefer To Fix Your Voice, Or Would You Rather Suffer From Permanent Voice Loss?

Lately, more and more, we are getting phone calls and e-mails from people who have been suffering from various voice disorders, and moreover, suffering for many years! Needless to say, that with time, (10, 20 or even 30 years later) for some reason, their voices did not get cured or even properly treated for that matter; and nevertheless, their voices did not sound any better then at the beginning of their voice/vocal ordeal; rather, in majority of cases, much worse . In fact, many of them claimed that the quality of their voices became more compromised from the time when their voice issues had originally began. So the question then is… Why these people, suffering for numerous years, never put a handle on their voice disorder? I think the answer is that there is not much help available with respect to nonsurgical voice repair , which actually (in most cases) will produce tangible results. The other reason is that people are absolutely unaware of what’s happ

Vocally speaking - Part 2: Will you go to a car body shop to fix your car engine or any mechanical parts, for that matter?

It just happened to me…. I got hit by a Dear! I have to say that it was a very strange experience, to say the list! I have not seen it coming… What I saw, was a deer’s face in my windshield! It came out of the blue, so to speak. It was just after 10 pm and I was driving at a speed of only 56 km! Thank God that I got a speeding ticket 2 days earlier, lol, Otherwise I possibly would be going much faster and thus, the impact of my collision with the deer could have been much more serious. So my car (which I managed to drive home somehow) ended up being damaged for over $11.000!   To my surprise, the body shop, where the car was towed, said that they will take care of everything, mechanics included. Now, 2 weeks later, they called me and told me that they were unable to fix the engine! Go figure! So they had to ship my car to a Volkswagen dealership after all! Now, at least it makes sense! The body shop is the shop meant to fix the body of the car and the dealership is responsibl

Vocal Science… Combat Your Fear With Knowledge!

Once you notice that you’re speaking or singing voice is not performing in a regular fashion, you should try to attend to this voice problem as soon as you possibly can! You would need to find the cause of your vocal disorder and the source of the proper and efficient treatment . Acquiring the proper knowledge will bring you to an understanding of what’s actually happening; and hopefully, you will act accordingly, addressing the root of the problem. Some people think nothing of it and hope that the problem will fix itself and everything will come back to normal on its own. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen! Your ultimate goal is to stop “loving” your problem and do everything in your power to be able to conquer it, which in turn, will allow you to come back to a normal life. I’ve noticed over many years dealing with non-surgical voice repairs that the sufferers are almost afraid to part with their voice/vocal problems. They declare that they want to fix it,

Vocal Science - Vocally Speaking… As In Everything In Life, You Get Exactly What You Pay For... This Also Applies To Voice/Vocal Repair And Vocal Training.

Who is the Biggest Loser you may wonder…? LET’S FIND OUT! "Evidently, when it is concerning the human anatomy, there are no “cutting corners”.   A few years ago, sometime in November, my friend and I went to Niagara Falls to watch a Christmas skating show known as “Christmas On Ice”. We’ve been there all previous years and really loved that show, but I have to say, that last year’s show was the worst out of all. There were only about 10% of the original cast participants in the show (skating, dancing and singing). We were wondering then why there were young and inexperienced skaters desperately trying to resemble something remotely reminiscent of the original show? In all three categories, the performers were very amateur and clearly inexperienced. They were hardly rehearsed, the pace of the show was very fast, very loud and very chaotic. I have to say that it was also very poorly directed. In the most recent show that we watched, my friend and I were very pleased to see (for the

Vocal Science™: We Will Make Your Bad Voice Days Good And Your Good Voice Days Better!

Transforming lives since 1984 - One Voice at a time!  Regain your voice! Enhance the Quality of your voice!  Claim back the meaning of your life!  We can help! ! You may feel and definitely sense that you have some kind of a voice issue, but your ENT Specialist declares that there is nothing wrong with you and he can not detect any voice problems from the medical point of view… So naturally, it makes you upset and confused, as you don’t know what to do next...? Since our motto is that ‘your better voice tomorrow will start with us today’, we can pinpoint any mechanical problem(s) which you may experience with your voice. The fact is that from the physical point of view, everything within your vocal anatomy may seem to be intact. Therefore, you not necessarily can blame your physician or even the ENT doctor, for that matter, for not identifying any apparent problems with your voice. If that is the case, you should realize that you have been using your voice incorrectly (Speakin