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Become Healthy As A Horse Again With Innovative And Alternative Voice Therapy!

A lot of people, especially with speaking voice problems , who are coming to me for my services, are absolutely sure that the only problem they have is their voice problem. Little do they know! Evidently, they don’t perceive that the voice is the essential part of their anatomy and it is interconnected to their whole emotional, physical and mental being. Sometimes, the problem with the speaking voice could be an indication of something else happening in the physical body and their voice problem actually has been emotionally induced. Let’s take, for example, spasmodic dysphonia . This particular voice disorder has very little to do with the nasty symptoms like uncontrollable spasms of the voice and loss of control of the vocal box, as the problem, in this instance, is not in the voice. The problem has neurological nature which was most likely induced by highly emotional stress and then it manifested in the

While Vocally Injured, Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From My Alternative Care Voice Specialist

When the vocal injury occurs it’s definitely not a “picnic” for every party involved. If it happens to a regular person, who is not a singer at all, and not at all prepared that one day he/she wakes up and will sound with the hoarse raspy voice which is hardly resembling the voice which the sufferer originally possessed.  Not being in agreement with that, the person starts to push all surrounding muscles – like throat, neck, shoulders and chest,   trying to extract some sound familiar to them. Unfortunately, the more they push, the less they accomplish. Moreover, the sounds actually gets pushed more so down and may easily get stuck at the neck, which in a short while may become an indication of what’s called Muscle Tension Dysphonia.  Now, clearly, the real vocal injury has occurred.  Naturally, the first thought that comes to the sufferer is to get referred to ENT doctor.  They wait for months for the appointment and finally arrive to the ENT specialist’s office. Af

Singing Lessons: Do People Still Have Any Dreams To Become Professional Artists, Or Did Their Passion Die With The Recession And The World, Which Is Becoming Completely Digital?

Teaching here in Toronto for almost 3 and half decades, I cannot believe how the people changed with respect of their attitude, mentality, physicality and yes, dreams, which they used to have galore. Since 1980, we’ve been through quite a few recessions, but it never affected people in the way which I am witnessing right now. They used to possess a lot of passion and love for music. The majority of even just ordinary people, (not necessarily musicians), had dreams to become professional artists, experience the professional recording and then experience the huge urge and excitement to be able to cut a record deal. Almost on a weekly basis, the new groups, (bands) were formed. The school kids were positively occupied with the rehearsals with their group; and then, to perfect their craft, with private vocal and instrument lessons on the side. Yesterday, I spoke with one of my young adult students and asked him what his friends of the same age, (18 to 20 years old), had been doing wit

Serious Voice Damage – Could the “magic pill” help solve the voice issues?

I believe, due to the recession, I get more and more phone calls and e-mails with the request to tell them all about the “magic pill” or send them the “magic pill” to fix their very serious voice disorder!  Such nonsense started several years back when the recession really hit North America. Before that people were much more sensible and had an understanding that if they had any kind of voice/vocal problem , they would have to come in person, wherever they resided, and fix to the best of their and my ability their voice.  Then came the next phase – Skype! They figured that now it’s all good; they don’t have to go anywhere, they don’t have to pay as much, let alone their travel, and they can fix their voice right from their couch and in front of their little screen with a questionable sound quality.  Go figure!  And lastly, let’s examine what’s going on now and in the present: They don’t want to come in person, they don’t even want to do Skyp

Suffering from Voice Loss or any other Voice Issues? We, most likely, will be able to help!

If you are suffering from a complete voice loss , then, unfortunately, we will not be able to help. In order to recover the voice, we need some kind of a sound production. I was amazed when one person, after quite intensive correspondence with me via e-mails, finally called me and could not produce anything but a whisper. When I asked him what he was diagnosed with, he, to my surprise, responded with whispers that the Doctors could not find anything wrong with him. I was literally shocked with that reply. But, unfortunately, could not offer him any viable help, as no sound was present at all. Then, in my office, another man unexpectedly walked in, who actually had the sound, but there was nothing but “mooing”, so to speak. Apparently, he recently undergone a cancer of thyroid operation and he ended up with both vocal cords paralysed . Naturally, I told him the truth that vocal paralysis on both vocal cords is non treatable.  Believe it or not, he looked at me with absolute surprise, di