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Vocal Science… Life With Voice! Strained Vocal Cords in association with Muscle Tension Dysphonia.

Restoring and building tomorrow's healthy voices! "If you could do it alone, you would have done it already"   - States weight loss guru, Harvey Brooks. We totally agree with his statement and are more than willing to offer you a big help employing our Vocal Science™ Method, which will greatly help you conquer all of your voice/vocal problem(s) – And We Guarantee That!! With that in mind, we have two very informative testimonials for your educational and reading pleasure. These testimonials speak for themselves. We really don’t have much to add, except; If anybody is interested to pursue a Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course and Treatment with us,   we would be more than happy to explain the technical and overall scientific side of this very fascinating process of restoring one’s voice and reclaiming one’s life… with voice! Please see below. Davida F:   Manager, Partner Programs at End to End Networks - Strained Vocal Cords & Muscle Tension Dysp

The benefits of alternative speech therapy for post-stroke survivors.

A stroke is one of the most harmful experiences an individual can experience. When they happen, strokes will often cause temporary or permanent paralysis (nerve damage) to one or both sides of the human body. Sometimes, speech, memory, balance, cognition, and vision may also be affected. In addition, muscle spasms and pain are some of the most common issues that are associated with stroke. These issues often cause stroke survivors difficulties with respect of managing their daily tasks - like bathing and dressing. Therefore, it may be challenging for them to continue to manage the daily roles in their lives. One of the more serious complications of a stroke tends to be the difficulty in communication, which indeed causes difficulty with respect to talking with others. It is known that about 25 to 40% of stroke patients suffer from aphasia - a disorder that impairs one's ability to process language and their ability to speak. Aphasia also makes it challenging for a stroke su

This is your riddle: You Have Voice Damage… How would you choose to fix it?

Turn to vocal surgery? Embark onto conventional speech therapy? Choose homeopathic treatments… perhaps? Or choose an alternative method of restoration of the damaged and compromised voice via the unique and non-surgical approach to Voice Mechanics …? Take a wild guess… Given the nature of our business, we, of course, have been receiving numerous inquiries with respect to damaged voices which include: Muscle Tension Dysphonia Spasmodic Dysphonia Acid Reflux Nodules & Polyps on the vocal cords Cysts & Lesions on the vocal cords and the throat   The above is just to mention a few of the many voice issues… We, of course, begin the conversation with trying to bring to those sufferers’ understanding that, unless they would change the application of their speaking and/or singing voice, the non-surgical voice repair will not be possible. By the time they call us, many of them have already been attending conventional speech therapy and contempl