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Medical Doctors and Speech Therapists had, Once Again, Failed the Patient with the Sulcus Vocalis Diagnosis!

How so; you, my reader, may ask? Our answer is; what else is new…? This story is about our former non-surgical voice repair client, Issac H – a Jewish community leader from Brooklyn, New York.  Once medical doctors had diagnosed Issac with such a disorder as Sulcus Vocalis ( a gap between the vocal cords), they strongly suggested to Issac to undergo a vocal operation.  On that note, Issac visited numerous speech therapists and speech pathologists…  Needless to say, he did not receive any meaningful help. Being only 36 years old at the time, he nearly lost his hope to be able to speak – using his normal voice again.  When he contacted us, he became very emotional and claimed that he was looking for somebody like us for quite a few years now.  He mentioned that he is a very significant person in the Jewish community and jokingly said:  “You know, Diana, we Jewish people are a very loud nation…”   Listening to his story, we, with absolute certainty, said that our claim to fame (so to spe

Vocal Paresis - The Causes and Consequences.

Get this: From Strep Throat - To Laryngitis - To Vocal Cord Paralysis... Isn’t that peculiar? More and more, in my practice (close to four decades), I have been hearing about the devastating vocal disorder - Vocal Paresis, also known as Vocal Paralysis. The interesting thing is that a lot of other vocal disorders are usually caused by speaking and/or singing in the wrong (and often aggressive) way. - Vocal Paresis, as well as, (for example) Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) , quite often have additional reasons for their occurrence. Interestingly enough, I hear a lot about some kind of a virus (or even a simple cold) that had produced vocal paresis affecting one or even both vocal cords. When a person is under a lot of stress, their immune system subsides which means that they become more susceptible to all kinds of infections, colds, and needless to say viruses. A couple of years ago, a client from Atlanta, Georgia came with one paralyzed vocal cord, which occurred after he experienced a real

Vocal Science: The Forensic Science…

We are practicing alternative internal medicine while advocating the assurance of the best speaking/singing voice & nevertheless, non-surgical voice repair. We   Got   This!! Firstly , you, my reader, may wonder why we call Vocal Science the forensic science?  We do so because we are paying a great attention to the minutest details while working on the human voice (speaking or singing - damaged or not).  With our specially-designed speech and singing exercises, we build a, so to speak, “hurricane-proof” foundation for the future “house” to “stand on” and to be “built upon”…   Evidently, broken or not, and first of all the speaking voice (before the singing voice, if required to be worked on) has to be put in balance along with the person’s physical body, mind, and nevertheless the motor skills. To achieve the desired result while building the proper voice application (ultimate voice/vocal technique), especially with respect to the voice restoration, those aforementione