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Vocal Science™ - Wondering who we are & what we do…?

- We are NOT doctors… We, in fact, are practicing alternative and holistic methods applicable to nearly all human health problems, while closely specializing in the Non-Surgical Voice Repair field. - We are Natural Practitioners with holistic approach to voice /vocal mechanics; and while working on the mechanics of the voice we are also employing natural herbal and some mild homeopathic remedies to heal the actual vocal anatomy and, in particular, the disturbed flora of the throat. - Once the voice (given the proper voice application achieved via specially designed - by me -  voice exercises) is lifted off of the vocal box and structured and placed in an alternative set of muscles (facial cavities), those remedies will work that much more efficiently and the whole process will help the voice disorder sufferer to not only regain their voice, but also achieve the best possible health and nevertheless quality of their newly-found voice. - For example:  How do we t