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Talent could take you quite far, but the training will take you that much further

Often watching figure skating (I'm the biggest fan), I'm also listening to the precise words of the commentators. The title which I gave to this blog is a quotation from one of the recent competitions I was watching on the TV. One of the Russian skaters representing Canada was showing a great talent on ice, but at the same time showing the lack of training and lack of maturity, which defines a professional skater. He was fresh from the junior competition, where he earned the title of the champion, but was still skating on a junior level, not defined and not strong enough with the execution of his jumps and even the overall skating. It was clear that he had the raw talent, but it was not supported by a professional coaching, at least it seemed to be that he did not have enough of it. The commentators expressed the hope that down the road, given his talent, he would be able to climb up on the top of the charts and perhaps, one day may be qualified for the Olympic Games,