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WE CAN HELP BY EMPLOYING OUR BEST EFFORTS - AND THUS, WE GUARANTEE THE BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE! With the above said, a good voice specialist knows about your voice disorder. A great one knows what is at stake (particularly for you), and, nevertheless, the  great  one does care about the successful non-surgical and non-invasive voice repair along with voice restoration and voice enhancement addressed to your specific needs. The Vocal Science™ Method and its revolutionary technique is, no doubt, truly engineered to amaze!  No doubt, it will give you today the experience of the 22nd century in voice/vocal innovation. The question is – Why are people with voice/vocal injuries sometimes hesitant and, nevertheless, “afraid” of being treated or cured? Are they, perhaps, afraid to “open up” to face their not-so-very pleasant past? We can definitely help because we advocate a holistic approach to voice mechanics as well as to the person as a whole. In fact, we are being our pat

Could you increase your vocal range and general knowledge about Vocal Science™ Method even just by reading Diana Yampolsky's Book titled "Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe"?

The answer to the above is Yes, because... we've got it down to a Science! On this note, we would like to share with you a blog with an unexpected testimonial from Mr.  Brian Ellis -  Sales Manager of Newmarket Infiniti Nissan -  Also a guitar player and vocalist. Please read below. "I have been playing music for over 23 years and singing for the last 5 years somewhat seriously. I met Diana as a customer at Newmarket Nissan when she came in to look at purchasing a Nissan Juke, which if you have met Diana is the perfect vehicle for her personality!  As it turns out, from my time playing in bands over the years we actually know a few of the same people and ended up having a lot to talk about with regards to the music industry. Through this conversation and speaking to Diana about how she helps her clients, I picked up a few singing tips that I decided to try out on my own. Just implementing the small amount of knowledge I picked up through these conversations I was a

How can Vocal Cord Problems (for example Vocal Cord Dysfunction) cause Problems with your Speech?

Let's look at your vocal cords from a professional point of view:  Your vocal cords (within your voice box) are not just strings… They are a delicate form of fold tissues (muscles) with a very thin lining on the outside. And just like any other tissues within the body, if not taken care of properly, they evidently can get damaged. Normally, when people start to exhibit vocal cord problems, they may not even notice them and thus, do not find the need to address them until the problems (like strained vocal cords, bleeding vocal cords or other forms of vocal cord damage) become severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor or a qualified voice specialist. Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) happens when the vocal cords are unable to open properly. This is also referred to as paradoxical vocal fold movement. VCD is sometimes confused with asthma as some of the symptoms are very similar. With VCD, the vocal cords close instead of opening up, when you breathe in and out. This closure

Case Study: Paralysis of one Vocal Cord and complete surgical “Butchering” of the other. Let’s examine the above occurrence and its related consequences.

Who We Are...? We are Natural, Alternative and Holistic Practitioners, Specializing in Non-Surgical Voice Repair and Other Health-Related Problems. Dear reader of mine, please note that we are exactly who we are. Please read the title carefully! We are not doctors and we are certainly not magicians… However, if we could say so ourselves (not to mention the, at least, 30,000 people who have passed through our doors for over 39 years now), the results that we produce (whereas nobody else, to our knowledge, had possessed experience and expertise comparable to ours) are, indeed, can be called miraculous, and they are, nevertheless, happening on a regular basis while our clients have been under our care. In spite of my best efforts and extensive experience and expertise, I can only provide a person with, so to speak, a “Vocal Prosthesis”. It can be compared with the person’s lost limb(s). There is no way those limbs, or even the new limbs, can be sewn back on. But what I can do is to cr