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Vocal Science: Does Your Speaking or Singing Voice Have a WOW Factor?

If you think that it does not, ask us how you can obtain it! Everybody lately is speaking about a “WOW factor”. During the vocal competitions like American/British Idol or shows like America Got Talent or Britain Got Talent, judges constantly looking for that WOW factor in their contestants. What do they mean by that? Well, first of all, they are looking for a good song suitable for the contestant and, of course, good and original interpretation of that song. Obviously a sharp performance with the proper technical and artistic merit should move the contestant to the top of his/her category. Similarly, during the speech presentation, unfortunately, a lot of times you want to “fall asleep”, a the presenter sounds monotone; and thus, very boring. He/she often does not have the proper emphasis and inflections in their sentences and, therefore, sometimes you can not even make out what they are actually talking about. This is especially annoying when those so called “presenter

Vocal Science - Do You Lisp, Or Lightly Stutter, Perhaps? We Can Help!

I had a lot of speaking and singing students (especially in the past) with quite severe lisps and some stuttering. It is a known fact that when the stuttering person begins to sing, the stuttering disappears. But the objective here is to reduce that stuttering not just during singing, but also while speaking on an everyday basis. Similarly, when the person lisps and pronounces “F” instead of “S” (for example, “Fnow" instead of “Snow”). Over the years, by osmosis, I discovered that the Vocal Science Technique eliminated that lisp practically on the root, as by “biting above the air”, it produces sound which puts the voice in complete balance when it enters the facial cavities, provided that the lift to those cavities is supported by the abdominal muscles. The enunciation and pronunciation become crystal clear due to all the vowels and consonants getting placed in the right set of muscles. So when the support, structure, placement and projection of the voice is accom

Vocal Science: We Believe In LIFE After The Completion Of The Voice, Body and Soul Repair.

Once, I had a request from a serious voice problem sufferer who was residing in the UK.  He was a throat cancer survivor; and with all of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy, he ended up having both vocal cords damaged. One of his vocal cords was paralyzed and the other one was simply non-functional. He approached me with all kinds of questions and when his question came around the price of my nonsurgical voice repair services and treatment sessions , he exclaimed: “Oh my God, it is too much!” When I asked him what he would do with the same amount of money if he would not end up paying for my services? He said: “I would go on vacation…” Then I asked him if he would enjoy that vacation, being afraid to open his mouth and constantly be conscious on how he would be received and perceived by other people? On that note, I’ve heard the tears in his voice. He had obviously gotten my drift… so to speak. After this emotional moment, our deal had been finalized; and shortly after,

Non-Surgical Voice Repair: What Once Was Lost, Can Now Be Found With The Vocal Science™ Method!

No matter what has happened to you and your voice, your healing journey starts here and now, with us! We strive to provide exceptional voice-health care and overall human care at all times. As we always like to say: “Your better voice tomorrow, starts with us today!” Regain your voice! As if you don’t take us up on our offers to fix your voice, just think what you could be missing! We are world-class voice experts! It had been tested, tried and proven for many years! The Vocal Science ™  Method is a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the human being as a whole. There could be numerous reasons why the person acquires a certain voice disorder and/or vocal issues.  It could be overall health issues  like: ____ Thyroid problems Allergies Asthma Chronic laryngitis Weight Problems (under or over) Low fitness level - or lack thereof Poor diet (consisting of fatty acidic and mucus-filled food products consumed on a regular basis) High su

Vocal Science - "Fifty Shades" Of Voice: What Do We Mean By This?

What we mean by this is that the human voice possesses a ‘rainbow of colours’, so to speak. It also possesses different varieties of voice performance .  Singers always say that sometimes they really have ‘good days’ with their voice, i.e., their voice obeying their commands and give them the right tonality, bright tone and perfect pitch; whereas some other times, they refer to the ‘bad days’, i.e., when the voice sounds dark in tone and the pitch and projection also suffer. Objectively, the latter, in this case, depends on the mood of a singer, the weather and, perhaps, the personal circumstances prevailing the performance.  All of the above is somewhat good, but wouldn’t it be even better if the singer did not depend on the outer factors; but would mostly depend on the professional training and proper vocal technique, pertaining to the vocal performances and studio recordings.  After all, we are talking about the human being and the human voice he/she possesse