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Vocally Speaking… “Say No to Potato…” Huh??

"Why... What's Wrong With Potato?" - Exclaimed Officer Jesse Mills (Tech), not knowing what's going on... A lot of you are most likely familiar with the hit Canadian TV Show that is titled “Hudson & Rex”. In our opinion, it is a very smart and intelligent show (truly Canadian), which possesses a lot of subtle humour… One of the episodes, as usual, about some crime taking place, was about the woman who wrote the book about her own invented diet named “Say No to Potato”...?    She ended up starving herself to death while documenting her own wedding… By the end of the investigation of what exactly happened, Detective Charlie Hudson was handed that very book, and yes, it was indeed named “Say No to Potato”. I found it extremely funny, but, nevertheless, quite to the point… In this case, concerning the human speaking and/or singing voice, I would like you to state; “Say No to Digital, Old-Fashioned Conventional Vocal Coaching, Let Alone Some Spoof of the Voice Repai

Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) - How can we go about treating it (Naturally, Holistically, Alternatively...?)

Dear readers,  As promised, we would like to profile a few more people who suffered from one of the nastiest voice disorders - Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD).  First up, we have a testimonial from Zelda A - Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferer from Brampton, Ontario Canada: "I don't know where I would be if I did not find you.. I would definitely be doing a review with 100 stars if I could!...” Hope for the Future. “I found Diana by chance when I was looking for a more natural approach to my MTD ( muscle tension Dysphonia ) which, some time ago, I was diagnosed with by an ENT Doctor. I have been slowly losing my speaking voice for almost a year. I have gone to several doctors and also speech therapy without a solid resolution. It's like having laryngitis....X50, which never goes away! When I started working with Diana, she right away told me that my voice sounds like I have a  Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) . That was even more disheartening than the previous diagnosis of MTD. Diana right awa