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CASE STUDIES of Our Recent and Noteworthy Clients/Students

Let us introduce to you, the 17-year-old Tory J. of Wisconsin USA who had acquired and suffered from VCD ( Vocal Cord Dysfunction ) along with Asthma for quite a few years.  The above was treated and cured within 8 consecutive days (40 hours of instruction) due to Tory undertaking our famous Super Accelerated Voice/Vocal Immersion Course, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments.  Using the newly adopted Vocal Science™ Method and, nevertheless, its unique voice/vocal technique, Tory was able to release the harmful pressure off of her vocal cords, as well as her neck and chest.  That new application of the voice and the newly established breathing mechanism that Tory learned during the above-mentioned course, had immensely helped her breathing and her speaking and also singing voice production.  Her mother, Stacy Jax, wrote to us after Tory's course was completed highlighting Diana Yampolsky's services: "She's professional, knows how to repair the voi

Vocally Speaking... Where Do You Think You Came From…?

Are you, by any chance, from a “Flying Saucer” or, perhaps, from a “Submarine” Submerged in Deep Water…? The question is: Do you actually have any touch with ‘Mother Earth’ and, moreover, any touch with reality… so to speak? Does your submarine (in fact, possibly made from glass) ever come to the surface? Or actually, do you ever even touch down on land with your flying saucer? Let’s find out… We are hoping that you, my readers, are smart enough, and probably already figured out that the above queries are a figure of speech. However, sometimes, we think that the above-mentioned is not that far off from reality… And Sometimes (rhetorically speaking), we are even wondering... what planet are you guys from? The questions during people’s inquiries are the least to say, peculiar… The most popular question right now is: Can you fix my voice using Zoom or Facetime? Also, maybe on Whatsapp or on the actual cell phone or even Some of our inquirers are saying that they would lik