Vocally Speaking... Where Do You Think You Came From…?

Are you, by any chance, from a “Flying Saucer” or, perhaps, from a “Submarine” Submerged in Deep Water…?

The question is: Do you actually have any touch with ‘Mother Earth’ and, moreover, any touch with reality… so to speak?
Does your submarine (in fact, possibly made from glass) ever come to the surface?
Or actually, do you ever even touch down on land with your flying saucer?
Let’s find out…

We are hoping that you, my readers, are smart enough, and probably already figured out that the above queries are a figure of speech.
However, sometimes, we think that the above-mentioned is not that far off from reality…
And Sometimes (rhetorically speaking), we are even wondering... what planet are you guys from?

The questions during people’s inquiries are the least to say, peculiar…

The most popular question right now is: Can you fix my voice using Zoom or Facetime?

Also, maybe on Whatsapp or on the actual cell phone or even landline...lol?

Some of our inquirers are saying that they would like to live a holistic lifestyle.
Below is an example:

A female inquirer had been reciting to us for some time how she loves to live a holistic lifestyle.
Meanwhile, she ordered one of our herbal kits, and nevertheless, was mistaken in her assumptions about what those natural herbal remedies will do for her?
She literally thought that it was a 'magic pill' sent her way and, nevertheless, was really excited about it.
She also told us that she is married to a Doctor of Chiropractic.
And then in the same breath, she asked me, “Can we do it on Zoom?”

My answer was; ‘Ask your Doctor of Chiropractic if he could conduct chiropractic treatments on Zoom and you will get my answer.”

That definitely would be funny if it was not so sad…

Then we had another inquiry about our herbal kits (at that time they were available to be sent their way).

Unfortunately, we still have numerous inquiries about the same non-sensical issue. 

Quite a few of the inquiries were asking us to identify all of the ingredients of the herbal products that we were planning to send them.
In fact, some of them, contain numerous ingredients which even I, with extensive education and knowledge about Herbology, do not know.
But what I know is that all of them are doing incredible healing and most of the time, not only for one problem but for numerous problems and nevertheless, the voice in particular.

We honestly said to that person exactly what we are saying to you, our reader…

He replied while exclaiming, “RED FLAG RED FLAG!” 🚩
We were a little puzzled by this reply and asked him what he meant by saying the above with so much passion... 
He again replied and then said, “It is a red flag because you guys do not even know what you are selling. You do not even know what you are putting in your capsules.”
So what he was implying, was that my two assistants and I, have been going into the forest on a regular basis, collecting some unknown plants and other substances, bringing them to our office, dissecting them, and then putting those substances (picked God knows where from) in the capsules.
And after that, we gladly have been sending them to our clients, and yes, charge them a lot of money for it... Go figure!

The question was, what planet was this person from and where was he born and by what means he had travelled through his life… perhaps by submarine or by flying saucer?

In any case, it looks like he never touched down on Earth, by whichever 'vehicle' he used and had been driven by...?

In fact, for the herbal remedies, in case you are wondering our reader, since 1990, we ourselves have been using those invaluable, pure and strong (with some medicinal properties) herbal products. At all times, we have been obtaining them from the oldest US company specializing in natural herbal remedies and supplements, named Nature’s Sunshine, nevertheless, located in Utah USA (and definitely not in the forest).

They have been tried, tested, and proven over the hundred years of their existence by millions of people, and nonetheless, by us as well, as we have been using them, first of all, for our own wellbeing, as well as, for our at least 30,000 clients with various voice disorders and some other health challenges.

As I always say; I only can swear by my Vocal Science™ Method and its complete efficiency. And, also, by extension, by those natural herbal remedies produced by the Nature’s Sunshine Company.
All the rest, like many of you guys, I also somewhat question…

But to my credit, I guess, I am definitely touching down on Earth and having a check with reality at all given times.
It never ceases to amaze me when even smart, intelligent and educated people, are still asking if we could treat their very severe voice problems, as well as their vocal issues,
and, nonetheless, vocal disorders, via Zoom (previously Skype), Facetime, WhatsApp, Phone and etc.

To me, it sounds completely ridiculous and, needless to say, absolutely impossible.
Those who had been through my voice repair course and treatment, could not agree with me more.
A few of them said that what I am doing is nothing short of a miracle.
And one of them had been our voice repair client named Chris Kraft, former First Officer of Kathey Pacific Airlines (based in Hong Kong), and presently, a performer, singer and songwriter.
He came to us a few times in the past from Hong Kong and never inquired about virtual reality, so to speak.
And now he achieved his lifelong dream and became a lead singer of a band.  

This school is soon about to turn 40 Years Old!
And myself, who had turned 27 years old right before its opening on February 15th, 1984, is now also soon going to turn 67 years old - 40 years on the clock I have been carrying this torch, as I was blessed to do so by a wonderful gentlemen (our sponsor) Stefan Pavlak.
Along with my common-law husband and partner of the school Ted Kowalchack, all 3 of us were able to lift this school off of the ground and, no doubt were able to reach the heights that we were always (from the beginning of this school) dreaming about.
Since 1986, however, I have been doing it alone. And I am thankful to God, that I was able to bring it thus far!

The only drawback with all of the above is that the lifestyle, the economy, the generations and etc., are all being drastically changed…

We live in a digital age and thus, are being severely conditioned that everything can be done digitally, remotely, virtually, and nevertheless, artificially…

Indeed... There is no touch with reality practically being exercised in no shape or form whatsoever.
Only a small handful of educated, intelligent and simply smart people do understand it and take it to heart.
Those people usually never ask me those foolish questions like:
“Can we do it remotely? I.e. On Zoom, and other digital platforms”

I would not be surprised, that given another few years, the Doctors of Chiropractics, Masseuses, Physiotherapists, and any other similar to the above-described professionals, will be asked to conduct all the treatments which, evidently, require touching the body, to be done via computers, while using all known to “humanity”, digital platforms.
How pathetic is that…?

I personally have no words for expression…
Evidently, and by common opinion, I DO HAVE A BIG STRONG VOICE, but now… I AM SPEECHLESS!!  


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