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Christmas 2013 My Heart and My Voice will go on and on… On behalf of and by: Recovered voice repair client/opera singer from Essex UK, Evie Bonella

Given what’s written by Evie Bonella below, we could easily make a projection to the rapidly upcoming Year 2014. The best is certainly yet to come for our very dedicated and extremely focused former voice repair client, Evelyn Bonella. She still remains to be our client, but now to become a professional opera singer. And, as her voice repair ordeal is finally behind her, nothing will stop us from prospering this beautiful girl full of dreams and hopes to a professional opera world. We hope that one day soon, she will serenade us, (and the whole world for that matter), with her newly found, beautiful coloratura soprano. We also know for a fact that she will never experience any vocal problems ever again, as now, Vocal Science technique became her… “Hi Diana, I am writing to thank you for helping me achieve my dreams this year.  You made the impossible, possible. I never would have believed over a year ago that I would have recorded 2 songs, started auditioning i

"I am a Vocal Science™ Method recipient. Once the music starts playing, I am ready to sing!"

From Cindy G. Official “I’ve known Diana Yampolsky for quite a while.   I took lessons from her since I was 17, which would be now 10-11 years ago. Due to family circumstances, I had to take quite a significant break and now almost 10 years later, I am back in her studio. Due to the heavy-duty emotional impact, my throat nearly closed and I was not able to squeak a sound for the longest time. When I came back to experience more of Vocal Science and also treat my vocal anatomy, and along with that get into the needed balance, I realized that singing and music is my calling, and my life assignment. Diana has done a lot of counselling with me, as well as, a lot of herbal and homeopathic treatments for my voice and for my physical and emotional being to bring me back on track. It took some time, but now my voice is ready to soar.   My vocal anatomy is strong and healthy and can withhold any amount of sound. I can last for hours and my voice will never

Vocal Science™ Delivering (In-Person) to the Online World…

Vocally speaking, that is exactly what The Royans Professional Vocal School and  The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair do and advocate. We just celebrated our 38 th anniversary since we first opened our doors (February 15th, 1984). When we did, we had in our possession one rotary phone and sometime later, a tape answering machine. In no time, we had over 100 students, 7 teachers, a retail music store and rehearsal space for the bands to practice. Those were the days… Interestingly enough, the business was by far more efficient, not to mention, more personalized and even more intimate, so to speak. We neither texted each other trying to establish the schedule or confirm the sessions, nor did we email each other for the information or for details concerning our services. Everything was done fast and efficiently via landline on both ends and, nevertheless, the school was booming!! Today, people have no concept of talking on the phone and lately, ev

“I was Born to Do It And was Given a Skill to Perform It“ - Patrick Chan (Canadian Figure Skater): Does it Also Apply to the Artists' Performances?

Vocally speaking, you may be born to do it, but have you obtained the skill to perform it? If we come back to the figure skaters now, we could  definitely admire our Canadian dance champions, " Tessa Virtue and Schott Moir ". Not only they are amazingly graceful dancing on ice, but they are also amazingly skillful when it comes to the figure skating technique. They have been vigorously training near London Ontario for many years, but, besides which, it was very clear from their very young age, that they possessed a natural talent. Needless to say, they combined the Great Canadian Figure Skating School technique with their given, evidently by birth, grace and poise.  The "marriage" of the two made them not only World Champions (numerous times), but also made them Olympic Gold Medalists in 2010 and 2018. If we go to our other, quite well known, Canadian female figure skater, Jennifer Robinson, who too has won some international competition