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Vocal Science, Voice Repairs and Relationships… How do they Correlate between each other?

Just several days ago, I have celebrated the 29 th anniversary of what once was called, The Royans  School for the Musical Performing Arts. In 1987, the school changed it’s name and profile and became the world renowned, The Royans Professional Vocal School , specializing in singing, speech and voice repair , so generally speaking, primarily in voice, which in whichever shape for form identifies the state of the human being and reflects on the human’s identity. Serving vocally and otherwise, estimated now, over 20.000 people, I could see how their personalities and their relationships with their parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and even just friends, in turn reflect on their, so to speak, vocal state of being.  The voice is the hardest instrument to power. Even on an everyday basis, the person who did not sleep well or, so to speak, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, might not be coherently speaking or wonderfully singing for that matter in the upcom

Speech impediment. How to Improve, and Perhaps, Cure Light Stuttering.

Over the years, I have attended to quite a few people with various voice disorders, speaking and singing. Interestingly enough, in the case of stuttering, in particular, singing could actually help to cure, or significantly minimize, this very annoying and unpleasant for the person and for the listener, disorder. In fact, watching the recent American Idol episodes, you could see a young, quite good-looking, contestant singing perfectly, but stumbling upon (stuttering), each and every word. It is quite a phenomenon, people might think. In reality, it is not. The Vocal Science ™ method, which I discovered, suggests that the speaking and singing sound should be placed and should come out off of the upper vocal chambers, (facial cavities) and not the vocal cords, at least, after the initial first syllable of the word is initiated. The contestant in American Idol does it intuitively and experientially, but not knowing the science behind it. Therefore, it works for him when he is singing, bu

Vocally and socially speaking…. Would you like to improve your odds to pass an interview and get a desirable employment? PART 2

The social skills psychology. In part 1 of the same titled blog, we were talking more about the voice as a tool for a successful communication and its application for a successful interview for the future desirable employment. Outside of the voice, the potential employee needs to know exactly how to answer, which could be very intricate questions, thrown at him by a potential employer. I was amazed how self absorbed and self centered my client appeared    when he introduced me to the potential questions and gave me an example of his answers back to the interviewer. It was all about him and what he wanted, instead of trying to convince a future employer that he would be an invaluable performer for the aforementioned company and his future position in it, and that’s the objective why he would want to work for this new company would be his potential professional growth, and thus, professional satisfaction, pride and joy. Instead, he was answering the questi