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Have Problems with the Singing Voice…? Considering Speech Therapy to rectify it?

Please think again!! Needless to say that, over three and a half decades of my voice and voice repair business, I have been getting a lot of calls where I was asked if I am a registered speech therapist and if I accept insurance which would cover  speech therapy and speech pathology . A majority of those inquirers had already been through numerous conventional ENT doctors and speech therapists. Nonetheless, according to them and throughout my observations, they had never achieved any tangible results which them, or me, for that matter, could account for.   After their quite-negative experience, they decided to look for something else - like an alternative form of speaking and/or singing voice therapy. However, while trying to embark on the above-mentioned matter, they still wanted to derive conventional benefits…?  It is peculiar, isn’t it, my reader? I usually tell them that “when something does not work, try something else. It might work better”. But pleas