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THE SAGA CONTINUES... One more time there is a successful and entertaining story of our former voice repair client, Todd ORLANDO Perusini

In January 2008, I picked up a phone call from a person who called himself "Orlando". Right away, I was curious to know if that was his real name or, perhaps, a stage name...? Nevertheless, this person assured me that it was his real name and also added that his mother was, in fact, very creative - and thus, gave him such a name. Orlando spoke with me with a quite raspy and hoarse voice and he told me that he just visited an ENT (he called me from Mexico, where he usually spends his winter time) and revealed that, while there, he had been told that he had a one-millimetre nodule  on one of his vocal cords. With that diagnosis, he was suggested immediate vocal surgery. On this note, Orlando placed a call to me - during which he was quite inquisitive (reminded me of a KGB interrogation). Surprisingly enough, with all the desperation, he seemed to be not in a hurry to make a commitment to come to Toronto to attend my course and treatment. He, however, placed another c

Case Study: Professional Artist "R.R" (Alias Name) - A Voice Recovery Story In Progress...

Your voice IS a reflection of the state of your being. Case Study: Professional Artist – R.R (The real name of the artist cannot be disclosed due to the confidentiality code)   A few days ago, we got approached by an artist in his mid 20’s, asking us to help him to get rid of his nasal sound in his voice. He was to prepare for his tour in Europe and wanted to sound and to look his best. When we first met him (just a few days ago) for what we call an “Introductory/Exploratory Session”, he was late 45 minutes to start with, walked in looking and acting half asleep, and stood in front of us with a completely out-of-balance posture and body. It took quite a bit of effort, especially from my side, to bring him to the point from where I could actually work with him and make a difference. He, indeed, sounded quite nasal – speaking and singing. We, however, liked his songs, written in the Hip-Hop style. In fact, a very prominent Hip-Hop artist (name cannot be disclosed) actually as