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Vocal Narcissism - Me, Myself and I... AND... MY VOICE!

Written by Diana Yampolsky Let me tell you, my reader, that music is often called the world's greatest communication tool. An effective piece of music crosses national boundaries, and a good song transcends any language barriers. With that said, a common problem that I have found which afflicts many aspiring singers is that because they do not realize that singing is a great vehicle for communication - ideas, emotions, lust, pain, frustrations, love, etc. Through singing, you can communicate those emotions more efficiently and also, more personally than with any other art form - be it film, writing or dance. But, evidently, not everybody is able to effectively communicate a story through the musical form. Some of the artists, unfortunately, appear truly self-absorbed, self-centred and purely egoistic, to even being able to share themselves with the audience.  Needless to say, that they are primarily thinking only about themselves, their appearance and their voice. That's what I

The Conclusion of the Year 2021: Accomplishments and Success vs. Challenges, Turbulence & Tribulations...

  It's been still a pandemic year - with many openings and many closures, not to mention uncertainties and hard times in general.  In our observation, people became more disturbed, definitely mentally as well as physically, and, nonetheless, more unstable than ever.  Needless to say that it became much harder to convince them to get help and, nevertheless, to get them to actually embark on receiving help. Therefore, it became harder to provide any services to them, as a lot of those people have been (to say the least) distracted, worried and, moreover, depressed.  For the record; Needless to say, that they, to begin with, have become much more suspicious, disbelieving and utterly insecure.  Simply speaking unstable and, definitely (what I call) out of balance - on every conceivable level.  However, with the above said, we have overall achieved a lot of success with people who were more stable, or at least have been understanding about who we are and what we could do for them via ou