The Conclusion of the Year 2021: Accomplishments and Success vs. Challenges, Turbulence & Tribulations...

It's been still a pandemic year - with many openings and many closures, not to mention uncertainties and hard times in general. 

In our observation, people became more disturbed, definitely mentally as well as physically, and, nonetheless, more unstable than ever. 

Needless to say that it became much harder to convince them to get help and, nevertheless, to get them to actually embark on receiving help. Therefore, it became harder to provide any services to them, as a lot of those people have been (to say the least) distracted, worried and, moreover, depressed. 
For the record; Needless to say, that they, to begin with, have become much more suspicious, disbelieving and utterly insecure. 
Simply speaking unstable and, definitely (what I call) out of balance - on every conceivable level. 

However, with the above said, we have overall achieved a lot of success with people who were more stable, or at least have been understanding about who we are and what we could do for them via our professional services, and not only for their speaking and/or singing voices, but also for their overall state of being. 

We would like to introduce you to a few of our noteworthy clients of this year 2021:

Those are Non-Surgical Voice Repair Speech and Singing Clients who found motivation, strength and belief to attend our services in person.

Just to name a few: 

Dr. Vera C of Detroit USA - Voice Loss/MTD Sufferer:

 On August the 19th Vera just completed her 40-hour Super Accelerated Voice Repair Course journey during which she recovered and enhanced the quality of her voice.

Her voice loss was caused by enormous emotional stress, strained vocal cords, whereas all of the above, in turn, had caused Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) disorder.

See and witness Vera's successful transformation in our video link posted below:   


Aubrie M of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA - Previous Voice Repair Client (MTD),  Presently Aspiring Singing Student:

Aubrie first came to us in November 2019 (from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) for our Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course to treat her Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).
Her goal was to recover from her vocal disorder and in the final analysis, to become a professional singer. 

Then she faced (like all of us) a year and a half closure waiting for an opening to come to us.
But the borders with the US were shut down tight. 

At last, she arrived back to us on August the 29th, 2021 for the next 30 hours of our unique instruction and treatment. 

After that, she arrived one more time for yet another 30 hours of instruction and treatment on October the 4th.

Aubrie will return back to us on January the 28th, 2022 for additional 30 hours in order to continue pursuing her lifetime dream of becoming a professional singer. 

Please see our latest blog below where Aubrie shares with us her feedback on her recent visits with us:


Alex MK of New York/Presently Residing in California USA - Aspiring Singing Student:

At the present time, she successfully completed 100 hours of Pre-Voice Repair/Pre-Beginner and Beginner Singing Course and now she's on her way to a semi-professional and, no doubt, down the road professional level of singing!

Way to go Alex!

Please see below her story:

While waiting (due to the pandemic) for nearly 1.5 years to come to us, she tried 30 different voice teachers (mainly on zoom) however, unfortunately, those lessons and their virtual instruction, turned out with no visible/tangible results. 

Alex will be coming back to us for more advanced training which will be provided for her from December the 13th to December the 30th, inclusively.

See Alex's latest update:

"I was skeptical at the beginning when I first tried Diana's unique method, which is vastly different from any teachers I had tried. After trying so many teachers, I was desperate and my desperation trumped my skepticism. Although I have more work to do, after 100 hours, I can see that Diana's method will take me to where I need to go. The method is everything promised and more. I feel clarity and resonance now when I sing for the first time. I feel a new degree of precision with each note, which has given me more confidence when I sing. I'm not simply guessing and hoping, but knowing, that the note will be in the right place. Most importantly, I don't feel any pain when I sing. Diana also helps me with discipline and perseverance. I am very excited to keep working with Diana in order to accomplish my dreams of becoming a professional singer. I believe she is the only person who can help me achieve my goals."

To go forward, she had booked us for the next 45 hours starting on January the 12th.

Way to go Alex! 

Keep on rocking and YOU WILL ARRIVE with flying colours to the destination you are going to! 


Phillip V. Z. of Arizona USA - Speech Problems (MTD):

Just completed with us 40 hours of instruction coupled with light natural herbal treatment. 
We will appraise you with his feedback as soon as it becomes available to us. 

Stay tuned! 

Please see below our noteworthy singing clients who attended our courses in this year 2021:

Kevin Howard (Toronto local); Musician, Singer, Songwriter.

Kevin has undergone our Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Course of 10 hours. 

Please see below his feedback: 

"Being engaged in producing my lockdown CD, I sought professional instruction, to bolster my vocal performance. During my course of study with Diana, she analyzed and enabled me to improve numerous aspects of my vocal performance including warm-up, posture, embouchure and mask.

Subsequent recording sessions have rendered significantly improved results: my voice is stronger, clearer and able to resonate freely.

For anyone that needs to 'up their game' vocally, I highly recommend contacting Diana and engaging in a course of study. Absolutely the best investment I have made in my singing."

Kevin Howard


Noah Weafs (Toronto Local) - Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter 

To date, undergone 79 hours of our unique Vocal Science TM instruction, also using our light supplemental herbal and some homeopathic remedies. 

Below, see his feedback, to date: 

"During those incredible sessions, I evolved immensely on every level of my being, and most prominently, vocally! I could see myself on the road to my success of becoming a professional musician/performer/singer. Diana's method has been definitely a missing link in my vocal abilities, without which, I would not be able to embark to the next level and fully realize my vocal potential.  I'm very excited and looking forward to fully mastering this method while developing my speaking and singing voice to its full capacity. 

Thank you to Diana and your Vocal Science Method!"


The above is definitely to name a few: 
Due to the confidentiality code, we are unable to disclose other people's names and likeness without theirs or their management's permission. 

To conclude: At the beginning, we were talking about challenges, turbulence and tribulations, which like before, we have experienced this year 2021. 
We also had noticed that some "desperate" people have had totally unrealistic expectations with respect to their health and their voice. 
Nevertheless,  firstly, they had not been realizing their age bracket (some over 80 years old).  They also have not been realizing that they are possessing untreatable and mostly incurable voice/vocal disorders and for not more not less for over 20-30 years span of time. 

Needless to say, their speech has been completely compromised, but they have been asking us to send them natural herbal remedies, which (they believe) could actually allow them not only to speak normally, but also enable them to sing like they did when they were young and definitely when they were not possessing these complicated and mostly incurable or even treatable voice disorders.

Go figure! 

To elaborate further, we, however, could make a difference in their overall health and even some difference in their voice health and abilities.
Nonetheless, those natural, pure, strong and powerful herbal remedies can still be instrumental in one's overall health and some (reasonably expected) improvement of one's vocal abilities. 

On the other hand, the younger population keeps asking us if we can treat or cure their voice disorders over Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom. 
One person told us that she's planning to live a holistic lifestyle since she is married to a doctor of chiropractic. On the same breath, she asked me if I could treat her voice on Zoom. 

I said, "Ask your Chiropractor husband if he could provide his chiropractic treatments on Zoom and you will have my answer." 
It actually would be funny... if it was not so sad!  

I, myself, use chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments.
It would have not come to my mind to ask those professionals to work with me on Zoom....?

How so? You, my reader, may ask?

Indeed, I have that question myself!  

Not too long ago though, I was referred by my physician to internal medicine specialists, who to my big surprise, offered me a consult over the phone. 
How come, I exclaimed! 
They said, that they would have to take some information from me and then, if I'm lucky, I would get an appointment with the actual doctor in person (provided that this appointment, like others before, will not get cancelled in the last minute of its occurrence). 
I'm still puzzled, as I spoke with at least a couple of the office secretaries, who already took my information...?
Why do I need to wait for a month and a half to give yet the same information to the doctor now? 

That is instead of coming directly to his office and literally addressing my problem to him to finally find out if and how it can be rectified? 
It appears to be a riddle... INDEED!

We, on the other hand, are promoting our services IN PERSON ONLY!!
I do make sure that I speak with each and every potential client personally. 
Our recent client (when he first called) exclaimed, "Finally! I could hear a human voice!" 
Apparently, he has tried to get a hold of a few people who were claiming to provide vocal coaching and whatnot, but he was not able to actually speak with any of them. 
His messages on their answering machines and his emails to them had remained to be unanswered. 

I would say that given the above described, I would never be able to create it on purpose... even if I could!!

Reset your voice!

Reset your life!

Ask us how we can assist in your success - 

Make a New Year's Resolution!

New Voice

New Life

New Health

New Wealth!


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