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Non-Surgical voice repair - Herbal & Homeopathic Treatment. Definitely A Complete Success, But What About The Aftermath?

What do you mean by the above, you may ask? What I mean is that the person in question, immediately after recovering their speech (or their singing voice for that matter), goes on the binge marathon. It's like a person who has been on a diet for sometime, after loosing the desirable weight, goes right back to their bad eating habits and binges on everything they were deprived of. No doubts that their lost weight will come back really fast and often double their original weight. Sad? Indeed! But that’s haw the human body works. Similarly, it happens with voice repair clients. They acquire virtually a "verbal diarrhea"   And in spite of all my warnings and pleadings, they cannot stop talking until they again become raspy and hoarse! Now they are, so to speak, in their "comfort zone" but upset and frustrated that they have lost their ability to communicate with no pain or strain on their vocal anatomy, like they did during the instruction.

Have you been a singer in a past, and now have lost your voice? We can help!

I have more and more inquiries from people who used to sing for the longest time in the past; and suddenly, (or at least so they thought), lost their singing range and some of them even lost their singing voice altogether . Now they are older and in their 40s (and counting), and they still cannot get a grip with the notion that their love and joy of singing might never be present again. 20 or 30 years later after the occurrence, they are still upset and even depressed about it.   Of course, they have been through numerous doctors and speech therapists appointments; but in the majority of cases, it did not add up to any expected results. Needless to say, since they had lost their love and joy being able to sing, their lives were never the same. Their passion and desire for expressing themselves, (telling their stories through singing), had been deeply buried. What would it take to recover one’s singing voice? Is it even possible? If it were possible

Do you have a hoarse voice and, perhaps, laryngitis? Can anything be done about it?

Attention all Speakers and Singers! If you have noticed that your speaking or singing voice is not performing as per usual and rather sounds lower and somewhat hoarse, PLEASE STOP !!! If you continue speaking in your usual manor and disregard the fact that your voice is feeling scratchy and your throat is feeling itchy, you might lose your voice completely and for some time ahead. Singers: please do not continue singing if you have noticed that it is much harder now to reach your high notes, which normally would not be a problem and if you have to push and pull your voice out of your inflamed, sore throat . At that time, you may also notice that your voice has deepened and has begun to sound scratchy and hoarse. If you don’t stop in time and look into your voice and vocal anatomy problem, that could be very much the end of your singing career. Coaching and repairing voices for over 40 years , I had a lot of cases where the performer did not stop on time