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Alternative VS Conventional Approach to Voice Repair and Vocal Problems. Natural and Holistic Treatments and Cure.

After nearly 30 years, my business has gradually turned, almost in its entirety, to the Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, which now, by osmosis, is a huge division of our original ‘The Royans Professional Vocal School’, founded in 1984. It seems like more and more people, (speakers and singers), have been experiencing mild and not-so-mild voice problems. Interestingly enough, almost every one of them, at some point in time, accessed their physicians and ENT specialists. Strangely enough, not one of them was helped to overcome their voice problems. At best, the medical professionals were able to offer some Botox treatments, especially for the Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferers and, or laser/scalpel surgical procedures. The Botox helped some patience momentarily, but then it got warn out and the symptoms of a nasty neurological disease of Spasmodic Dysphonia prevailed again.  The polyps and nodules were yanked from the doomed patients’ throats, but they too, to the patients’

Vocally Speaking, (in a Nutshell) - Forensic Science of Voice Mechanics. The Lack of Knowledge and Understanding of the above could promote the need for Non-Surgical Voice Repair

For many years now, I have been receiving singers, wannabe singers, public speakers and clients, (singers or speakers), who required non-surgical voice repair, from all over the world – almost every state of the US, Europe (primarily UK - England and Scotland, Germany and Belgium) and, of course, Asia – Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Thailand , India, Malaysia and Singapore, to name a few. In previous years, those people were coming to my school because they wanted to become professional singers or public speakers and they did not necessarily require any voice repair or any extensive voice work. They were just lacking the vocal technique which would preserve their voices and therefore, would allow them to enter into a professional field, while complying with the standards of professional speaking and singing. However, some of them were already professionals, but had acquired some problems with their voices by using them excessively and incorrectly, and thus required the Non-S