Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alternative VS Conventional Approach to Voice Repair and Vocal Problems. Natural and Holistic Treatments and Cure.

After nearly 30 years, my business has gradually turned, almost in its entirety, to the Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, which now, by osmosis, is a huge division of our original ‘The Royans Professional Vocal School’, founded in 1984. It seems like more and more people, (speakers and singers), have been experiencing mild and not-so-mild voice problems.

Interestingly enough, almost every one of them, at some point in time, accessed their physicians and ENT specialists. Strangely enough, not one of them was helped to overcome their voice problems.
At best, the medical professionals were able to offer some Botox treatments, especially for the Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferers and, or laser/scalpel surgical procedures. The Botox helped some patience momentarily, but then it got warn out and the symptoms of a nasty neurological disease of Spasmodic Dysphonia prevailed again. 
The polyps and nodules were yanked from the doomed patients’ throats, but they too, to the patients’ dismay, especially polyps, returned right back to their vocal cords and, in some cases, in multiplied amounts. And lastly, the cancer of throat survivors; I just had in my possession a professional musician from Niagara Falls US, who spent 40 years of his life on stage in various smoky clubs, gigging 7 days a week playing  guitar and singing (not necessarily properly) covered in the “blue light”, according to his own words. As a result, and at the age of 64 now, he got cancer of a tonsil.
 He was ordered numerous chemo and radiation treatments and, fortunately, his life has been saved, but he lost his saliva in its entirety, meaning that his throat had been super dry at all times and he has lost his kinesthetic touch also, especially in his fingers, which could be devastation for any professional guitar player. So his livelihood, being a professional musician, has been threatened and in jeopardy, as it is hard to play the guitar not feeling the strings, not to mention that even harder is to sing with a very dry throat which does not produce any moisture.
When this aforementioned gentleman addressed the above to the doctors, they told him to be grateful to be alive. It was implied that all his problems are not relevant and, needless to say, nobody offered any help to ease off his symptoms and also to help his voice to work in the fullest capacity possible, under the critical circumstances.
From my side, the help was offered and the result was delivered.
The person spent with me 5 days and acquired only 10 hours of a Non-Surgical Voice Repair course, as well as attended my Vocal Interactive Workshop for the next 10 hours in a group setting.
On his 3rd day, being under my care, he blew away the audience in our neighbourhood’s karaoke club, singing 50’s’ – 60’s standards. The people, who owned the place, were running after me, inquiring if he was indeed my student and asking me why I was hiding him all this time. I explained to them that he is an American and presently undergoing a pretty heavy-duty Voice Repair course with me.
They looked at me funny, thinking that I am creating an advertising story, shook their heads in disbelief and… continued praising him and his voice!

Go figure, but it’s all good!
Nevertheless, I do offer an actual and viable solution to people’s voice problems.
I solve it with my unique approach to voice mechanics and with the application of natural herbal and homeopathic remedies. I assess the cause and I provide the holistic cure, instead of just working on symptoms and never addressing the cause, like doctors usually do.
Needless to say, with the cure, the nasty symptoms will naturally disappear. Also, those people who used to “play by ear” now, as a positive side effect, will learn how to speak and sing properly with no strain or pain on their vocal anatomy, and the singers will finally comply with the standards of professional singing.
That said, without a doubt, the mission, as usual, has been accomplished!
The holistic cure has prevailed!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vocally Speaking, (in a Nutshell) - Forensic Science of Voice Mechanics. The Lack of Knowledge and Understanding of the above could promote the need for Non-Surgical Voice Repair

For many years now, I have been receiving singers, wannabe singers, public speakers and clients, (singers or speakers), who required non-surgical voice repair, from all over the world – almost every state of the US, Europe (primarily UK - England and Scotland, Germany and Belgium) and, of course, Asia – Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Thailand , India, Malaysia and Singapore, to name a few.

In previous years, those people were coming to my school because they wanted to become professional singers or public speakers and they did not necessarily require any voice repair or any extensive voice work.

They were just lacking the vocal technique which would preserve their voices and therefore, would allow them to enter into a professional field, while complying with the standards of professional speaking and singing.

However, some of them were already professionals, but had acquired some problems with their voices by using them excessively and incorrectly, and thus required the Non-SurgicalVoice Repair at its fullest.

Nowadays, the majority of wannabes or professionals do require Non-Surgical Voice Repair and not too many of them are coming just wanting to learn how to speak or sing better, as unfortunately, not too much integrity (like in the older days) has been possessed lately by human kind with respect to wanting to learn.

Today, unless they have a pronounced vocal problem, they will not come to improve their craft, therefore, so to speak forensic science of my vocal technique incidentally called “Vocal Science” is really in demand.

Luckily for me and not so luckily for the people who are relying on their voices, (professionally or not), appears to be that any conventional vocal technique does not offer a release of the vocal anatomy from the pressure of the sound, thus continuously working on the already damaged vocal anatomy and promoting more vocal problems to occur.

This is an excerpt from our latest correspondence with our potential client based off the UK:
 “My most recent singing teacher bases all her teaching around thinking 'down and out' to anchor your sound.  This has developed my voice well in some areas but not in others.  Thinking of lifting the sound above my vocal cords is something I have never done before.”

Needless to say, this person experiences vocal performance limitations, as the vocal technique introduced to him, will inevitably create, minimum to say, muscle tension dysphonia, as by pushing the sound down, he will constrict his neck muscles and they, in turn, will close on him and will trap his voice, which he will no doubts will be pushing even harder, trying to bring it to the surface and project it, and thus, even more severe damage most likely will occur.

The sound is a physical material body and it travels as such, i.e., circular direction, relatively, respectively and prospectively to the one’s height, weight and the central line of their body.

The VocalScience ™ method promotes the release of the neck and the throat muscles.
While the above mentioned muscles become released, the other muscles become employed, (facial and abdominal in integration with each other), which will be safe to use and which will assure the proper sound lift, placement and aimed delivery upon one’s command.

This approach will save and protect the voice for life, as the person who studies this method, will have the forensic understanding of the components of this wholesome mechanism, and by employing this revolutionary method, it will also allow the person to speak or sing with absolute ease while, concurrently, it will make them automatically comply with the standards of the professional voice use, be it speaking or singing.