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Damaged Vocal Cords, Bleeding Polyps, Nodules, Nodes, Dysphonia, and etc.
Does it have Anything to do with the Conventional Vocal Training?

Yes, the answer is that unfortunately it does have a lot to do with the conventional vocal coaching or self-inflicted bad vocal habits. The conventional vocal coaching suggests to the artists to drop the jaw down, to stick the stomach out and to drown the voice as low and as deep as possible into one's anatomy...? Let's analyze this and examine if there are any logical grounds underneath of those methods. To my knowledge and everybody else's knowledge who at least attended Grades 6 or 7 physics and geometry classes, that the sound is a physical, material body and it travels as such. If you visualize a pitcher, would you visualize him pitching the ball downward or rather above and on top of his physical body, trying to establish a high altitude and thus, a high level of flight trajectory to achieve the aimed destination with his thrown ball? Respectively, the sound will also fly on top and above of the physical anatomy, taking the centre of the physical body for c

"Hammer" Your "Instrument" then Fix it and then What...? Continue "Hammering" it? Or... Learn How to "Play" on it... PROPERLY!

Let's imagine that a so called piano player, instead of playing properly the given instrument, is constantly hammering on it, instead of playing on it with both hands and using the right intensity, as expected. Please take a wild guess to what could happen next...? It is inevitable that their instrument (piano in this case) will fall to pieces. Then what? Then, the best piano technician will be employed to put together that wonderful instrument and sometimes even make it better sounding and performing than the original had ever been. And why not? Now the aforementioned piano has new strings, new PIANO hammers, and all together, new "bells and whistles". The only thing that would be needed is a good piano player who would make it sound even better and will not break that instrument in a short order again. But instead...? The player still has a "hammer" in his hand, which, unfortunately,  has never gotten to be removed in first place! And what do y

The Voice vs American Idol - What is Similar and What is Different?
One Thing in Common This Year; BETTER SINGING THAN EVER!!!

I'm religiously watching both television shows - The Voice and the American Idol . And I have to say to my pleasant surprise, both shows "raised their bar", almost to the max! The word "almost" suggests that I'm not 100% in the agreement with the judges of The Voice. However, even that proximity is pretty high. I would say, I agree with their choices at about 95% of the time. It looks like they are looking for something different, i.e. unique tone and unique delivery of the song, but they are not as much concerned about the pitch and the technical aspect of vocal performance . And I guess on those counts, I'm not 100% in agreement with them. Whereas American Idol , at least this year, is possessing incredibly good and sound performers. The female clan is almost unbelievably good. I'm afraid to say that some of them are better than the original artists. And also, to the credit of the judges, the participants are truly judged on their techni