Damaged Vocal Cords, Bleeding Polyps, Nodules, Nodes, Dysphonia, and etc.
Does it have Anything to do with the Conventional Vocal Training?

Yes, the answer is that unfortunately it does have a lot to do with the conventional vocal coaching or self-inflicted bad vocal habits.

The conventional vocal coaching suggests to the artists to drop the jaw down, to stick the stomach out and to drown the voice as low and as deep as possible into one's anatomy...?

Let's analyze this and examine if there are any logical grounds underneath of those methods.

To my knowledge and everybody else's knowledge who at least attended Grades 6 or 7 physics and geometry classes, that the sound is a physical, material body and it travels as such.

If you visualize a pitcher, would you visualize him pitching the ball downward or rather above and on top of his physical body, trying to establish a high altitude and thus, a high level of flight trajectory to achieve the aimed destination with his thrown ball?

Respectively, the sound will also fly on top and above of the physical anatomy, taking the centre of the physical body for consideration, while concurrently leaving the vocal anatomy and the anatomy in general underneath, while employing the abdominal muscles for the support of the sound, now restructured and removed from the vocal box all together to the set of the facial muscles, which will in turn play the role of the natural resonator and amplifier, amplifying one's voice at least quadruple times over.

This has been my revolutionary discovery, now close to four decades.

Meanwhile, the whole world continues to employ the so called conventional vocal technique in the completely opposite direction.

As a result, every second known singer and even remotely known ones, are losing their voices, cancelling their tours and undergoing vocal operations.

Interestingly enough, when my management or myself approach the troubled and injured artist's management, quite often they reply that they have their own team and their own vocal coach.

For some very mysterious reason, they do not connect that that very vocal coach is perhaps responsible for the vocal trouble of his famous protege.

The so called successful team doesn't find anything better to do, as to address the now injured performer right back to the same vocal coach, thinking that something now should change.

This never ceases to amaze me.

I can swear my life on the Bible that I do not know any of my students past or present (and I've had over 19, 000 - estimated amount) who have lost their voices or, God forbid furthermore, undergone any of the vocal surgeries.

On that premise, I must admit, I'm probably doing something right.

It might not be too modest, but it is the truth and that's what counts.

My wish for the management of those troubled artists is to look a little bit closer to the cause of the vocal injury their artists are experiencing, and then perhaps pick up a clue that there is something that must be wrong in their vocal approach via vocal coach, vocal or music producer, and of course the artists' themselves.

The voice is the spirit and it has to be discovered, uncovered and made to be flown away and above of the physical body and not with the physical body.

Moreover, it will identify the actual blueprint of the artist's voice, and make their voice that much more unique.

Hopefully, it won't remain to be a mystery for that much longer.


  1. I loved the flying sound paragraph. I had never heard so beautifully described what my teacher and I are working me towards! Thank you!


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