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Overview of my Recent Trip to London UK!

Overview of my recent trip to London, UK. Wenke L.G. – a sufferer of the vocal cord papillomavirus. Wenke L.G. from Birmingham, Solihull UK , met me in my hotel for a two and a half-hour introductory/exploratory session. Below is her feedback after the session was rendered and she and I proceeded to Camden Lock Market for an Afternoon Tea treat: “My voice feels a bit ‘Tired’ but a few people have said it sounds better, so I’m assuming the tired feeling just comes from, obviously, at this stage, having to work the mouth muscles harder to ‘smile and bite’; but it produces a clearer voice. So all good.” Wenke (Left) - Diana (Right) Stay tuned, as Wenke told us that she wants to send us more in-depth feedback via the next e-mail. We will bring it to your attention when it reaches us. ____________ Charlotte W – a sufferer of voice loss due to administered (unrelated) surgery Performance. Charlotte W. from South London UK had undergone serio

Would You Like To Be in Contact with Aubry M, A Muscle Tension Dysphonia Survivor?

NEW UPDATE: P.S., A couple of days ago, we had an inquiry from Detroit, Michigan USA. With Aubrie’s permission and encouragement, we submitted Aubrie’s phone number and e-mail address to the person who happened to be a singer with a quite-noticeable tremor on the bottom of her throat. That tremor was clearly on its way to becoming what’s known as the  Spasmodic Dysphonia  voice disorder… When we inquired with Aubrie whether or not the above-mentioned person contacted her, we have learnt that she never did. After conveying that back to Aubrie, we got a text from Aubrie stating: - “I know… Lord, she better get with it! But, no doubt, I’ll convince her of her ( honest to God ) last hope!!” _________ Aubrie M is ready and standing by to reassure you that coming to us in Toronto to fix her voice was the best thing that had happened to her. Not only that she acquired a healthy voice and had gotten rid of the constant sharp pain in her throat, but she also learnt how

The Success Story of Aubrie M - Muscle Tension Dysphonia Survivor - PART 1

“Just landed… I had a wonderful, encouraging time! I can not wait to come back. I will definitely be in contact soon!” - Aubrie M ___________________ Aubrie arrived to us last Friday, November the 1st from the USA. Prior to her arrival, we have been in communication with her for a few months, as she had to pay off her 30-hour course and treatment in increments. We had already been very impressed with Aubrie throughout the process, as she told us that she was working (simultaneously) two jobs - totalling over 70 hours a week to come to us to fix her muscle tension dysphonia disorder ; thus claim her life back - and, in our opinion, no doubt, more positive and better quality than before. Up until Aubrie had arrived to us, we had no idea that she was a young single mom with a young son. For the last three years, her dreams, however, had been completely shattered. Apparently, nobody in her native city, (Pittsburgh) could help Aubrie to rectify her vocal problem. let alone to re