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Case Study of our recent International Client, (a Businessman from Paris, France) with the Diagnosis of Sulcus Vocalis and His Successful Course and Treatment

Our recent international client Cedric H. (from Paris, France), 38 years old, had suffered from Sulcus Vocalis for 3 years, as nobody was able to rectify it.  That definitely affected his business, as he lost confidence in presentations and never knew when his voice was going to cease.  Here is his testimonial after he had undergone a 40-hour course and natural herbal treatment (conducted by Widely-Renowned Master Voice/Vocal Coach and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist Ms. Diana Yampolsky), which had been delivered to him over 10 consecutive days: “My name is Cedric and I come from France.   I was diagnosed with Sulcus Vocalis about 3 years ago.   Slowly but surely, my voice started to fade off and I called Diana in September because my voice went totally off.  She found space in her busy schedule and I made my way to Canada.  I went from pretty much 20% of a voice to around 90% of a voice, which makes me today very happy.  I know that there is still some progress ahead of me, but I

You Call Yourself a Professional Singer or Speaker... Let’s Find Out If You Can Live Up to that Definition...

So you call yourself, let's say, a professional singer… yes, you have been performing for quite a few years on different stages, small and even not-so-small. You even happened to impersonate some known artists like Elvis, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and etc.  But then, you all of a sudden discover that your voice no longer performs like it used to….? Some of you suddenly realized that you actually lost your high range, some of you started to sound hoarse & raspy, or even (to your big surprise), developed a serious voice/vocal condition such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD), Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD), Nodules, Polyps, Lesions, Cysts , and whatnot. Then you were forced to find us - The Royans Professional Vocal School, a Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair (been in operation since 1984). Then we (you and us) became acquainted via email, phone, WhatsApp and whichever other social platforms… A lot of our potential clients, after we suggest that “perhaps”

Vocally Speaking… What Actually Are You Looking For? Is it, by any chance, an all-inclusive resort and/or travel advisory agency? LET’S FIND OUT!

Why are you asking these questions, and what exactly does the title mean… you might wonder, my reader? The answer is: We are getting quite peculiar questions from our perspective clients a few times a day every day. People are calling us and asking if, during their course and treatment we will provide them with room & board, meals, transportation, a laundromat nearby, a cheap rental car and what have you…? Firstly, we were very surprised and even somewhat humoured by the above questions and expectations of our prospective clients. Today, we are actually getting used to it… How sad is that? In a real sense, it is actually pretty unfortunate because those people are not even joking. They actually do truly believe that the above-described is the absolute minimum that we will have to provide them with…?  However, as “funny” as it sounds, it still never ceases to amaze us. Clearly, we hope that they understand that we are not an all-inclusive resort… In fact, our setup is very far from

CASE STUDIES of Our Recent and Noteworthy Clients/Students

Let us introduce to you, the 17-year-old Tory J. of Wisconsin USA who had acquired and suffered from VCD ( Vocal Cord Dysfunction ) along with Asthma for quite a few years.  The above was treated and cured within 8 consecutive days (40 hours of instruction) due to Tory undertaking our famous Super Accelerated Voice/Vocal Immersion Course, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments.  Using the newly adopted Vocal Science™ Method and, nevertheless, its unique voice/vocal technique, Tory was able to release the harmful pressure off of her vocal cords, as well as her neck and chest.  That new application of the voice and the newly established breathing mechanism that Tory learned during the above-mentioned course, had immensely helped her breathing and her speaking and also singing voice production.  Her mother, Stacy Jax, wrote to us after Tory's course was completed highlighting Diana Yampolsky's services: "She's professional, knows how to repair the voi

Vocally Speaking... Where Do You Think You Came From…?

Are you, by any chance, from a “Flying Saucer” or, perhaps, from a “Submarine” Submerged in Deep Water…? The question is: Do you actually have any touch with ‘Mother Earth’ and, moreover, any touch with reality… so to speak? Does your submarine (in fact, possibly made from glass) ever come to the surface? Or actually, do you ever even touch down on land with your flying saucer? Let’s find out… We are hoping that you, my readers, are smart enough, and probably already figured out that the above queries are a figure of speech. However, sometimes, we think that the above-mentioned is not that far off from reality… And Sometimes (rhetorically speaking), we are even wondering... what planet are you guys from? The questions during people’s inquiries are the least to say, peculiar… The most popular question right now is: Can you fix my voice using Zoom or Facetime? Also, maybe on Whatsapp or on the actual cell phone or even Some of our inquirers are saying that they would lik