You Call Yourself a Professional Singer or Speaker... Let’s Find Out If You Can Live Up to that Definition...

So you call yourself, let's say, a professional singer… yes, you have been performing for quite a few years on different stages, small and even not-so-small. You even happened to impersonate some known artists like Elvis, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and etc. 

But then, you all of a sudden discover that your voice no longer performs like it used to….?
Some of you suddenly realized that you actually lost your high range, some of you started to sound hoarse & raspy, or even (to your big surprise), developed a serious voice/vocal condition such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD), Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD), Nodules, Polyps, Lesions, Cysts, and whatnot.

Then you were forced to find us - The Royans Professional Vocal School, a Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair (been in operation since 1984).

Then we (you and us) became acquainted via email, phone, WhatsApp and whichever other social platforms…
A lot of our potential clients, after we suggest that “perhaps” they possessed an incorrect speaking or singing technique, and most likely that was the problem and cause of their vocal inadequacy, literally attacked us saying, “How come?” and then they were referencing that they were performing all their life in different venues and played numerous gigs and on numerous big stages…
They could not understand that the wrong application of their voice caused them their voice/vocal troubles.
Also, let’s take into consideration that the people (the audience) like to have fun and are not always aware of the proper singing (in tune and in placement), so they do not really pay attention to whether or not the singer is actually using the proper technique and staying in tune, placement, rhythm and timing.
Some of them, actually, are just partially “musically deaf” and thus, oblivious to everything except having fun. 

The audience, of course, does not realize that the performer while trying to give them all that fun, is actually damaging their vocal anatomy while at it.
That is where we come in.
We are advocating the safe and sound (no pun intended) voice/vocal technique which would, evidently, save the artist’s voice for quite some time and hopefully, even for a lifetime.
For those who already happened to damage their vocal anatomy, we offer to “fix” it non-invasively and non-surgically.

Obviously, prevention is always good!

But some people, will not even think of any prevention or anything like that.
And definitely do not “see it even on the radar” that there may be any damage that could happen to their “precious” voice.

And one day, it does...
You wake up and feel immediately that something is wrong with your speaking and/or singing voice.

You feel tightness in your throat, pain and difficulty swallowing (while not even speaking or singing). You feel that your throat is full of mucous and even begin to feel the burning sensation at the bottom of the throat. That most likely is a symptom of what is called Acid Reflux.

How sad and devastating is that?
You are in a panic and do not know what to do with all that.
Naturally, the very first phone call you place is to your family Doctor.
Usually, the family Doctor offers you a referral to an ENT which on average takes 2, 3 or even 4 months to access.
Meanwhile, our future doomed clients cannot produce a sound worth listening to, and now, nevertheless, they are completely flabbergasted by that predicament.
They are forced to cancel their gigs, performances and engagements, which require the healthy sound of the voice.
You finally reached the ENT Doctor's Office who immediately suggested to you to have an invasive vocal operation.
Most of the time, they do not even explain exactly what is happening with the person and why that person requires surgical interference…?
Now, the sufferer, being even more confused and scared than before does not know what to do, as they also have to, so to speak, sign off their life (before going on the operating table) suggesting that the Doctors will not be responsible for anything no matter the outcome.

Then those people find us (non-surgical voice repair specialists) and begin to demand all kinds of guarantees that within 5 to 10 days, they will receive a magic pill and will celebrate a full recovery which has to produce at “least 90%+” improvement of their voice to the point where their voice used to be, i.e. radio announcers, Elvis impersonators, actors, etc.
Could you imagine…?
How unrealistic does it sound?
We do not offer “snake oil”, we are offering the real and realistic outcomes of our work.
That is also the reason we do not do it on Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype etc…
Because the above described are total gimmicks and no doubt, will never produce any results.

Please be advised; If somebody offers to do it on one of those platforms, they are not after your best interest, they are only after your money!!

In fact, we had clients who came to us from Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, India, China and so forth… who, before reaching us were doing Yoga (at 4:00 am) by literally standing on their heads, eating only raw fruits and vegetables, and after that, attending acupuncture sessions, as well as massage sessions performed on their throats...?
All of that would be good… but not instead of the actual approach to voice mechanics, but along with it.
The problems of voice disorders are usually mechanical and also quite often emotionally induced and then they manifest in the physical body.
So the complex of treating and establishing the “wholesome mechanism” which will allow the voice to get freed up in a strictly structural way, by learning and executing the components of such mechanism, i.e. support from the abdominal muscles, the structure of the sound rechanneled to a different set of muscles (facial muscles), placement of the sound of the voice into the facial cavities (chambers) and finally, projection of the sound to its aimed destination.
So it is “Not As Easy As It Sounds”, as our prominent Toronto newspaper that is called the Toronto Star once in their article about us said.
The author (having experienced it all firsthand) also mentioned that it is definitely “not for the faint of heart”.
And I added, that it “definitely is not for the person with below-average IQ.”

I also have to mention that the Vocal Science™ Method and its unique program are extremely intense, therefore, we prefer emotionally and physically fit people embarking on such a program, and, nevertheless, those who can walk and chew the gum at the same time to “save their lives”... and, nonetheless, their voice! But the latter is another topic to be continued... Please stay tuned!


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