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The Voice is Your Spirit in a Manner of Speaking and You are the Only Owner of it!
Fly me to the Moon...

The voice is your spirit. It's also an expression of who you are and it also identifies the state of your being. That said, it is as unique as you are. The fingerprints and your DNA identify your being. The voice does the same. Some people have naturally unique sounding voices, sometimes just speaking or just singing, sometimes both. Sometimes, at the glance, some people are not sounding any different than anybody else, speaking and/or singing. Is it possible, though, to create their identity by making their voices identify with their beings? Can we directly connect, especially the singing voice, to the one's identity? The answer from where I sit, is a BIG YES. How so, you may ask? To answer your question, many years ago, I developed my own unique approach to voice mechanics, which I named the Vocal Science Technique and Method. While instilling the wholesome vocal mechanism into one's psyche, anatomy and physiology, I engage very deeply and also con

Major Vocal Intervention...? Must Be Done!

I've been religiously watching all of the available American and Canadian reality shows concerning vocalists. And now, finally, I stumbled upon a show for children and teenagers right "in my own backyard" in Canada. I've been occasionally watching auditions, which are pretty much cloning the auditions for American and, used to be, Canadian Idols. However, I have to admit that to my pleasant surprise, the judges were very sweet and positive with all of the kids - the good ones and not so good ones. On the other hand, though, that superficial sweetness, in my opinion, cause them to make some misjudgements with respect of some kids talents. I found that those who they chose - the top six so far - were not necessarily the best ones I've seen auditioning. However, the worst was yet to come. Now, they were showing the "true reality" on topics of vocal coaching , choreography, makeup and fashion. It all began with vocal coaching. What was show