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We are your healthy voice consultants. Psychological aspects of Voice Disorders.

I am lately receiving more and more clients which require non-surgical voice repair, possessing voice disorders like muscle tension dysphonia and/or spasmodic dysphonia.  With our very hectic and stress-induced lives, a multitude of sufferers with the above mentioned voice disorders have their voice problems related to their highly stressed emotional conduct. Some of the emotional stress is related to their business lives, but even more so common, it is related to their family lives.  To give you an example, I have been presently working with two beautiful middle-aged women, (but still fairly young) who have their dysphonia disorders (one of them had been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia and the other, who has joined recently, had been diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia).  The former has ben suffering for 5 years prior being under my care. She has been extremely stressed at work (working 3 jobs simultaneously) and mainly (and more so) at home - not getting any required an

Vocal Science™ - Voice Disorder…? We can help you and your voice “rise to the occasion”, so to speak…

What do we mean by that? Let’s find out! If I could say so myself, The Vocal Science™ method and technique is truly “engineered” to amaze!   For many years, we have been attending to all kinds of people with all kinds of voice/vocal disorders (speakers and singers).  Our voice repair clients, nevertheless, are experiencing today the 22nd century in voice/vocal innovation. Our non-surgical voice repair methods are very unique and totally holistic. We are not just working on a person’s voice. We are working on their mind, body and soul; and then treat the voice as a significant part of their anatomy, as well as their psychological makeup. Once we succeed with all of the above, our now former clients had often been asked: “Is that…magic?”  No… it is Vocal Science, they exclaim! However, the restoration of a damaged voice could be a very tasking (needless to say) detailed and intense process. Vocal Science….   For the love… of voice! “I will love aga