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Vocal Science™ Method! Herbal Remedies Wonder… A Magic Placebo Pill or the Real Deal?

Ever since the Global pandemic took place, we (like everyone else) had to adapt to a new situation and thus make some adjustments with respect to how to continue helping people who are in need of our non-surgical voice repair services - and more so now than ever. The COVID 19 situation is very unusual for everyone. People who had their active lives all of a sudden got bound at home. Some of them had lost their jobs, others lost their (successful for many years) businesses… There is no doubt, this situation created a lot of mixed emotions. As I had written many times before, the thyroid gland, according to holistic teaching, represents suppressed emotions and it also could carry (in fact, for quite some time) a lot of hurts. In fact, the vocal box is located near the thyroid gland, and once the thyroid is affected by stuffed-up emotions, the voice gets stuck (so to speak) between the thyroid and the vocal anatomy. And as a result, the occurrence of the latter prevents the voice from wo

Give Your Child a Gift of a Desired Voice, Confidence and Self-esteem!

Our Vocal Science™ Program can help your child achieve all of the above with guaranteed results. Let’s say that your child desires to be in a school musical play, may want to sing in a choir, would also want to have better presentations and thus, better marks at school. - Let’s make it happen, as no child likes to fail in front of their friends or feel rejected for that matter… I have always said that the voice is the “spirit” which needs to be discovered, uncovered and unleashed to its full potential… Once that happens, the clarity, annunciation, pronunciation and projection of the child’s voice will become more noticeable and thus will attract the attention of other children and, of course, the teachers and mentors. Once your child’s voice is “heard”, their confidence will also soar and he/she will become that much more self-assured. So, as a result of that, (the least to say) they will gain a lot more friends during the school years and for the years ahead. If the above does

Physical and Emotional Consequences concerning the Speaking and Singing Voice Disorders.

Dealing with various voice disorders is my specialty. Over many years, I have attended to hundreds, if not thousands of people with different voice injuries of their speaking and/or singing voices. In general, they were all, one way or another, physically and, nevertheless, emotionally distraught. What was different about them was their reactional response to their voice disorder and its consequences. What was in common that all of them had lost their confidence, especially the singers. And even after the restoration of their voices, their physical demeanour has been expressing the tightness and fear, to say the least. And even after the voice sounded as good, or even better than before, the performance aspect has been significantly lost, as they could not bring themselves out of their shell and loosen themselves up in order to produce a required performance quality. In Russia, we have a saying: “The good dancers do not show their sweat”. Speaking of dancers, they work really hard a

Vocal Surgeries: One of them, Unfortunately, Resulted in a Death on the Operating Table...

Hello my readers, We have a couple of stories to run by you; This is one of them: She came first to me for the introductory/exploratory session and had a polyp on one of her vocal cords. Her profession was a real-estate agent and she definitely needed her voice to speak to the clients on an everyday basis. Her voice, meanwhile, became really raspy and hoarse… So she definitely was looking for a quick fix, so to speak and, in the final analysis, she chose a vocal operation. Her ENT doctor told her not to worry about it and assured her that the operation is really simple and would not take more than 10-15 minutes. “It will be just ‘Snip-Snap’ procedure,” he told her with absolute confidence. Going back to my session with her whereas her sister was present there as well, I offered her a 30-hour voice repair course, coupled with a natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment. This type, of course, I am capable to deliver within 6 consecutive days. Evidently, that was not fast enough for h

You just got Diagnosed with One of Few Major Voice Disorders… Now What?

The first question you have to ask yourself is: How did I end up with such a nasty diagnosis? You may ask yourself: What have I been doing wrong with respect to my speaking or my singing voice for that matter? Analyzing the above while looking for the answer, you may remember that you have had a bad cold or virus…  At that time, your voice got quite compromised and it became raspy and hoarse. You, meanwhile, were trying to clear your throat quite hard and pushed and pulled your voice (also quite hard) to make it clearer and louder… By doing all of those things, you no doubt, have been straining your vocal cords, and therefore you have been experiencing the consequences of such actions. In the end, you ended up with pain in your throat, with an even more raspy and hoarse voice and, in some cases, even perhaps with breathing difficulties.  By the way, the latter may bring you to the next undesirable diagnosis - you may acquire asthma-like symptoms…  God forbid. Given all the above, you p

A Valentine’s Day Love Story Drama...

A Valentine’s Day Love Story Drama... The Result: An Absolute Beginner Signs with a Reputable Talent Agency! In previous years, I had worked a lot with amateur singers who were labelled as wannabe singers. A lot of them were recognized by various talent scouts and agents, especially when they were appearing in karaoke clubs or open mic events in a variety of bars and clubs. Once upon a time, one of my beginner students was brought up by her husband to a big karaoke club to show him what she had achieved with only 5 hours of instruction (by that time) with me. On top of it, it happened to be Valentine’s day karaoke night! Understandably, my student felt very nervous and insecure... However, she also told me that she remembered (what we still call to this day) “smile and bite”, and to also enunciate and thus pronounce her words with absolute clarity and to the best of her abilities. By the time she finished the song, (to my memory, it was a song called “Time After Time” – by Cindy Lauper

Let’s find out more about Vocal Paralysis…

Let’s find out more about Vocal Paralysis… Can this very serious and complicated voice disorder be treated Non-Surgically? Every human being, at some point in their lives, experiences a change when it comes to their voice. Some of those changes are natural & some changes are abnormal. Sometimes, those abnormal changes are so severe, they may even warrant an investigation with respect to finding out where the underline cause lies. This leads to the discovery of voice problems and what they signify with regards to one’s health.  In this article, we will focus on a particular voice disorder known as vocal cord paralysis; its causes, symptoms and the options that are available in order to effectively treat it. Introduction Vocal paralysis is a condition where one or both vocal cords are unable to move due to various factors – most of which derive from nerve damage (specifically, the nerves that activate the muscles within the vocal cords). In some cases, the above happens to stroke vic

Alternative - NO BOTOX - treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia

Alternative - NO BOTOX - treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia Contact us to find out about our unprecedented results with treating this disorder naturally and alternatively! Recently, we had an inquiry from a singer situated in Europe who had been diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia .   …………………………………………………………………………… “I was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, and the doctor wanted to give me Botox injections, but I refused because the risk of not being able to sing well afterwards (I am a singer) was too great! So my question is, Can you help me get my voice or a better voice back? Is it possible to get instructions via Skype? I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!” …………………………………………………………………………… Below is my answer; Hi There, I have to note that it is a little unusual to be diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia when you are a singer. Usually, it happens to people who are not singers, but just regular (or professional) speaking voice users. But, nevertheless, it is a very serious and severe probl

Voice Disorders Classic Diagnosis:

Acid Reflux affecting Vocal Cords? Can it also provoke a Muscle Tension Dysphonia Diagnosis? Go Figure!!! Lately, more and more voice issue sufferers are coming to me with the most - seem to be common - diagnosis such as acid reflux affecting the vocal cords, and also  muscle tension dysphonia   pr ovoked by acid reflux. Why those two specific voice disorders described above are very common, you may ask? Are there any other  vocal problems  that people also experience?   Of course, there are! The rest of them are much more obvious growths on the vocal cords or even throat - (For example,  nodes, nodules, polyps , cysts, lesions, etc). But what appears to be interesting is that if the person (let’s say with a hoarse/raspy voice) is not diagnosed with any growth on their vocal cords, he/she is immediately labelled with one or the other diagnosis - i.e, either gastric  acid reflux  which is burning the sufferer’s vocal cords or muscle tension dysphonia, which affects primarily the neck mu