Give Your Child a Gift of a Desired Voice, Confidence and Self-esteem!

Our Vocal Science™ Program can help your child achieve all of the above with guaranteed results.

Let’s say that your child desires to be in a school musical play, may want to sing in a choir, would also want to have better presentations and thus, better marks at school. - Let’s make it happen, as no child likes to fail in front of their friends or feel rejected for that matter…

I have always said that the voice is the “spirit” which needs to be discovered, uncovered and unleashed to its full potential… Once that happens, the clarity, annunciation, pronunciation and projection of the child’s voice will become more noticeable and thus will attract the attention of other children and, of course, the teachers and mentors.

Once your child’s voice is “heard”, their confidence will also soar and he/she will become that much more self-assured. So, as a result of that, (the least to say) they will gain a lot more friends during the school years and for the years ahead.

If the above does not happen, the child, who then becomes a young adult, will carry their inability to communicate properly; and therefore will most likely not become successful in their business and/or their personal relationships. The fear of speaking, let alone singing, or just simple casual communication with anyone, will simply be compromised…

Running The Royans Professional Vocal School for almost four decades, we have met a lot of adult students who have been carrying their childhood inadequacies throughout all those years.

They still appear to be shy, overly soft-spoken with a very laid-back personality and with not many achievements in their adult lives.

By our observations, the majority of them (in their childhood or adolescence) never embarked on any activities such as sports, music and, needless to say, singing.

Interestingly enough, most of them were never involved in any relationships at all, and moreover, a lot of them were separated or divorced from their spouses.

Not too many of them had any viable careers or even any kind of post-secondary education for that matter.

How sad is that?

Very sad indeed!

So you, my dear parents, could easily provide for your child’s future by giving them an opportunity to realize their dreams; and thus allowing them to become the full-rounded person where the mind will merge with the body, the heart and the soul…

Given the above, no doubt, the intellectual understanding will become integrated with the mental, physical, emotional and, nevertheless, vocal component.

The child’s mind will also be able to give the command to their motor skills, so they actually would be able to “walk and chew the gum at the same time”.
Sadly enough, (believe it or not) some adults still can not acquire the above-mentioned skills!!

We hope that by reading this, you will get the message…

Please do not let your child down or yourself for that matter!

Love yourself and your children enough to provide for their well-rounded and successful future!


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