Vocal Surgeries: One of them, Unfortunately, Resulted in a Death on the Operating Table...

Hello my readers,

We have a couple of stories to run by you;

This is one of them:
She came first to me for the introductory/exploratory session and had a polyp on one of her vocal cords.
Her profession was a real-estate agent and she definitely needed her voice to speak to the clients on an everyday basis.
Her voice, meanwhile, became really raspy and hoarse…

So she definitely was looking for a quick fix, so to speak and, in the final analysis, she chose a vocal operation.
Her ENT doctor told her not to worry about it and assured her that the operation is really simple and would not take more than 10-15 minutes.
“It will be just ‘Snip-Snap’ procedure,” he told her with absolute confidence.

Going back to my session with her whereas her sister was present there as well, I offered her a 30-hour voice repair course, coupled with a natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment.
This type, of course, I am capable to deliver within 6 consecutive days.
Evidently, that was not fast enough for her.

However, her sister was very impressed with the session and said that she definitely would like my patient (her sister), who was under my care throughout the aforementioned session, to take my voice repair course and the treatment.

They, however, in fact right after my session had already an appointment with the ENT surgeon.
So they said once they visit the ENT specialist, they will get back to me and will advise me about the results of their visit and will also confirm the starting date of my instructional course and treatment.

After that conversation, I have not heard from them for nearly 5 months…

Finally, I got a call from my client’s sister and here is what she told me:
“Hi Diana, remember me and my sister who had a polyp on her vocal cord?”
I said I did, as I remember at least 98% of what has been happening in my extensive practice for many years…

So she said that after a visit with me, both of them, in fact, went to the appointment with the ENT, who assured them that the vocal operation will be fast and easy and that it would be better than any non-operational treatment offered to them previously by few people (I guess me included).

So since the province of Ontario is operating through OHIP (Ontario Health and Insurance Plan), the patients do not have to pay from their own pocket (at least that’s what they think), not realizing that all of us in the province of Ontario, are paying for our medical care through our hard-earned tax money.

So the sisters decided to go for a fast (free of charge, as they thought) procedure, hoping that the person’s of interest voice will return back to normal in an instant.

Not only did that not happen, but 5 months later, our patient to be, had no voice to speak of.
Her sister asked me if I would take the case at that post-operative time. I said: “Absolutely Not.”

Why not, you, my reader, may ask?
The answer is:
Firstly there was no sound of voice present what-so-ever.
Secondly, my experience at the time was at least 10 years less than now.
And lastly, I did not know what other damage had been done during the surgery.

Today, none of it would faze me and I, most likely, would be able to solve this matter (with no hesitation).
However, it would take double the time to deal with that ordeal...

That story brought me to the next story (similar to the one described above).


The next story, unfortunately, resulted in a death on the operating table during the removal of a vocal cord polyp.

Please see the story below:

When I came to Canada almost 41 years ago, I was trying to watch as much TV as possible, so that I could learn the English language and its intricacies. Although I didn’t fully understand her humour at the time, I was impressed by a comedian named Joan Rivers.

If you do not know who Joan Rivers was, she was a comedian known for her appearances on ‘The Tonight Show,’and, needless to say, many other famous shows as well.

Joan had beautiful energy and a very animated personality, and also she usually spoke very loudly with huge command and conviction in her voice.
However, being a voice specialist, I immediately noted that she was using her voice incorrectly, as her voice was obviously coming out from the back of her neck and the very bottom of her throat.

In all honesty, I am amazed that her voice lasted as long as it did!

With that said, it is evident that, genetically, she was a very strong woman with a very strong personality. 
In a general sense, no human voice could withstand such pressure applied onto the vocal box for a prolonged period of time. 
However, you could clearly hear in her performances in her later years of her career, that her voice was getting weaker, raspier and quite often she simply sounded hoarse.

When that happens to a human being, especially those whose livelihood depends on his or her voice, that individual, quite often, emotionally disagrees with the situation (simply being in denial that something actually has changed)...

We, though, all know that there is definitely no change without change.

However, most of the time, that person intellectually understands that something has to be done about it.

While disagreeing with the obvious, they are trying to continuously push that voice out on the surface when, by that time, the voice has usually already been drowned deeply to the bottom of their throat (lower throat position).
So by pushing it vigorously, they are, unfortunately, accomplishing the opposite result, as by drowning and straining that voice exponentially, could bring their voice disorder to the point of no return.

However, like we are stating in this article, people with voice challenges should notice the change sooner rather than later and first try to conquer it non-surgically—by finding a qualified voice specialist who knows how to conduct the voice repair in a holistic manner.

We live in a very fast-paced world and to accomplish something, evidently, we have to move pretty fast.
So the thoughts of people like Joan Rivers and even just ordinary people are as such: “Let’s do it now, and let’s do it fast.”

Joan was probably thinking about her next upcoming performance and, nevertheless, wanted to sound nice, clean, and crisp.
However, she did not realize that vocal surgery is not necessarily the solution.
During that surgery, she, unfortunately, passed away on the operating table.

The conclusion of this above-written story is:
If you are experiencing any discomfort in your voice, please first look for a Non-Surgical solution before opting for the vocal operation.


The person does represent the “instrument” and the “player” at once.
The “instrument” has to be fixed and tuned, however, the “player” still might be applying the wrong technique, trying to extract the sound from their not-so-healthy “instrument.”

If the greatest piano player of all time - Liberace, had been hammering his beautiful pink Grand Piano, he would have broken it to pieces and would have no instrument to show off even his best piano playing skills.

No doubt, it takes two—the instrument and the player.

The instrument has to be sound and the player has to be adequate.
The player also must be able to extract the maximum capacity of that given instrument.
So in the case of the voice, the speaker or singer has to be able also to extract the maximum capacity of their voice and, needless to say, with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.

I always say, work hard, but smart and with minimum effort accomplish the maximum result. Also, work upon design and do not play it by ear, so to speak.

With that said, be professional and be it on every level!


Now we would like to bring to your attention that due to international travel being compromised, we, for a while now, have been offering Natural Herbal Voice Repair Kits to be sent to your place of residence.

Please see below and view what our herbal kits recipients are saying about the results they have been achieving:

Nathan C, a retiree of the USA military (Oklahoma USA), is one of our recent herbal voice repair kit recipients who sent us second feedback after completing his herbal regime.

"Hi Diana,

Thank you so much I love the supplements/herbs they have helped tremendously.
First, they have cleared up much of the phlegm in my throat.
Secondly, they have relieved tension in my larynx. Altogether the combination has helped support my voice tremendously, making it easier and more comfortable to speak."

Zatil A, a Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) sufferer residing in Malaysia.
She had sent us her feedback on her voice recovery progress after a week of taking those natural remedies!

"Hi Diana and Jamie,

It has been almost over a week of taking the herbal medicines, and I feel really good - even my family and friends commented on some improvement of my voice! Really really grateful that I decided to purchase the herbal medicines from you :)

The tremors are definitely reduced, and I have been practicing to "hum" instead of my usual speaking SD voice. I hope with these combinations my voice would be further improved."

Sheree O, a Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder sufferer from Tasmania (Australia)!
Here is one of her many inspiring letters written during the different stages of her herbal treatment. If you would like to see more than the one below please click the link: 

"Hello Diana,

I am feeling so much better and have just completed day seven!
My spasms have diminished almost entirely. Only had a few little spasms. So much more mucous has been expelled. My breathing is so much easier. I have had no sinus pain or headaches or migraine headache. No swelling around my glands and throat. I also have/had no reflux.
My husband has noticed a big difference in my health and he says I look so much better. He has noticed when I speak that my voice is much smoother and no spasms. I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful these herbal remedies have worked. Words cannot express how good I am feeling and I am so much happier!"

If you want additional info about our herbal kits please visit our site:


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