Physical and Emotional Consequences concerning the Speaking and Singing Voice Disorders.

Dealing with various voice disorders is my specialty.

Over many years, I have attended to hundreds, if not thousands of people with different voice injuries of their speaking and/or singing voices.

In general, they were all, one way or another, physically and, nevertheless, emotionally distraught.

What was different about them was their reactional response to their voice disorder and its consequences. What was in common that all of them had lost their confidence, especially the singers.

And even after the restoration of their voices, their physical demeanour has been expressing the tightness and fear, to say the least.

And even after the voice sounded as good, or even better than before, the performance aspect has been significantly lost, as they could not bring themselves out of their shell and loosen themselves up in order to produce a required performance quality.

In Russia, we have a saying: “The good dancers do not show their sweat”.

Speaking of dancers, they work really hard at the bar, but when they end up at the center stage, they’re not supposed to “bring the bar” with them.
They are supposed to acquire the feel at the bar for their future performances and then translate it into the intricate steps and thus, bring the latter to the dance stage.

However, if those dancers experienced any kind of injury, their performance would also feel more technical and more stiff, especially at the beginning stages of their recovery.

Granted, it is a natural reaction of the physical body induced by the highly emotional stress which occurred during, and evidently even after the injury was concurred.
Similarly, the same happens to the vocal performer.
After the injury, they constantly doubt themselves and that directly reflects on their vocal performance.
Interestingly enough, that people, who have just speech disorders, react completely differently.

The minute they acquire their voice back, they can not stop talking.
In my practice, I had people who were afraid to talk for months, but then, at the end of my course and treatment, I could not put them back to structure, as they were talking out loud about everything and anything; and to stop them talking was virtually impossible.
Go figure!

Any voice disorder for anybody concerned is definitely not a “picnic”.

It is a serious matter, as it could inhibit ones’ life quite significantly. In some cases, it may be considered a complete disability.
Some people lost their professions, as due to their trade, they had been required to speak on the phone, or publically. Obviously, with the voice disorder, they could not continue their regular duties.
The singers had been on the verge of losing their singing carers, recording contracts, tours, etc. We have examples of many known artists whose singing careers, unfortunately, had to be stopped temporarily or even permanently.

How sad is that?

Thank God that, in many cases, these people, (speakers or singers), can be helped and helped non-invasively and non-surgically.
Every time, when I help a person with a voice problem to get their life back and, or to get back on stage, I feel extremely gratified and thankful to God for my gift of knowledge.


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    1. Hello Poushali,

      Thank you for the comment. We are glad that you found our article informative and we appreciate you providing us with a link to a website that also caters to the repair of the human voice.

      Nevertheless, It is evident that there are numerous speech clinics worldwide, but as you may have witnessed from this and many of our other articles, we are an alternative option for treating and (in some cases) even curing speaking and singing voice disorders and that we apply our own copyrighted and trademarked technique which is world renowned and known as Vocal Science™ Method.

      For more in-depth information about what we do, you can check out our websites: &

      Thank you,

      Bets regards,

      Jamie Mckay
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      The Royans Professional Vocal School.
      Division of the Royans institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair | TRS School for the Total Voice Performance

      On behalf of –

      Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed.
      World renowned Voice Repair Specialist
      Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases.
      Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics.
      The Royans Professional Vocal School
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