Let’s find out more about Vocal Paralysis…

Let’s find out more about Vocal Paralysis…

Can this very serious and complicated voice disorder be treated Non-Surgically?

Every human being, at some point in their lives, experiences a change when it comes to their voice. Some of those changes are natural & some changes are abnormal. Sometimes, those abnormal changes are so severe, they may even warrant an investigation with respect to finding out where the underline cause lies. This leads to the discovery of voice problems and what they signify with regards to one’s health. 

In this article, we will focus on a particular voice disorder known as vocal cord paralysis; its causes, symptoms and the options that are available in order to effectively treat it.


Vocal paralysis is a condition where one or both vocal cords are unable to move due to various factors – most of which derive from nerve damage (specifically, the nerves that activate the muscles within the vocal cords). In some cases, the above happens to stroke victims, throat cancer victims/survivors, brain cancer victims/survivors & those who have other disorders that cause the muscles within their bodies to atrophy (including the vocal cords). Even certain forms of viral infections can play a role in causing vocal cord paralysis.

Given the main descriptions of the symptoms that may be causing this problem, they, in turn, may lead to many other problems which, no doubt, will affect the daily life of the sufferer:

  • The regular speech will be moderately or greatly impaired
  • Difficulty getting employment in work fields that require voice use
  • Loss of confidence in one’s self

With the above stated, research is being conducted across the world with the intent of discovering further causes associated with vocal cord paralysis.

Treatments for Vocal Paralysis (Vocal paresis)

Treatments for this disorder will depend on the various factors that are associated with the above.

Factors like:

  • How long has the patient been suffering from the problem?
  • What is the severity level of the symptoms?
  • How long they have been present?

These questions must be addressed before advancing to the next step in order to attend to this particular disorder utilizing the full information regarding this disorder.

With that in mind, professional advice will be taken into consideration.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatment

There is a proven method of voice repair and voice restoration and enhancement known as the Vocal Science™ Method and its unique voice/vocal technique. This method is implemented and practiced at The Royans Professional Vocal School division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair. To find out what this method can do for those who suffer from vocal cord paralysis and other related voice disorders, please see below:

  • It can non-surgically repair your vocal cords and any elements of the vocal box in general.

  • This is done by the virtue of learning how to minimize the use of your vocal cords and produce vocalization (the sound of your voice) by using a different set of muscles (such as the facial muscles working in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles)
  • This method will also allow your voice to naturally amplify itself due to the above-taken actions.
  • With the help of natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies, the healing of damaged muscles within your vocal box/vocal cords will take place – it should also repair the damage which may be caused by any kind of surgery on your vocal anatomy or even an unrelated invasive surgical procedure.

If you suffer from Vocal Paralysis or from a related voice disorder and are in need of the BEST non-surgical voice treatment and care
Contact us - The Royans Institute for Nonsurgical Voice Repair and find out what can be done to rectify this very serious problem.



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