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There's 24 hours in a day. 13 of my hours I think about you...

We would like to forward you a post-course letter - sent by A Morris, Former Muscle Tension Dysphonia Sufferer from the USA. We hope that you find it inspirational :) Please read below.  ____________ First up, a little info about A Morris. A Morris, was a student who had embarked on my famous 30-hour voice repair course and who has shown that she has been very serious and, nonetheless, in understanding of what I've done for her body and soul in connection with her voice. I am positive that her dream will be realized after her and I will embark on the next 30 hours of my unique vocal instruction (The Masterclass) - which, nevertheless, had produced a lot of professional singers, who ended up getting signed to major record labels. The school also taught and mentored many winners of major international competitions who, no doubt, greatly benefited from the care of The Royans Professional Vocal School - founded in 1984. ____________   "Hi Diana.  There's 24